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They make great games, but seriously, as a company, Nintendo is a joke. For those not in the know, Best Buy and Gamestop have started cancelling preorders for items releasing on Friday, including Majora's Mask SE, the Majora's Mask 3DS, and several Amiibos including Ike, Shulk and Dedede. And while Gamestop and Best Buy are, themselves, terrible companies that will probably not exist in 20 years, Nintendo's proven legendarily inept at getting their products to market.


But the ball of shame is squarely in Nintendo's court. As I've mentioned a few times, I frequent a few local game stores, all of which have been making massive improvements financially and quality-wise over the last year. A friend of mine, who owns one of these stores, ordered literally dozens of each of the new wave of Amiibos, New 3DS units (and not even the Majora ones) and copies of Majora's Mask 3D.

They shipped him the following:
6 each of Bowser, Sheik, Toon Link Amiibos
1 each of Ike and King Dedede Amiibos
5 copies of Majora 3D (not even the special edition ones!!!)
2 red New 3DS consoles

This is clearly a massive problem on Nintendo's end, when they are getting massive purchase orders and not delivering. I work in the industrial automation industry, and if we were building an assembly line and a distributor up and told us two days before we're supposed to start building that, "Yeah, hey, sorry, we can't get you those parts...", that distributor would be blacklisted and screamed at faster than than a Sanic eats a chili dog. Also, my company would probably lose a few million dollars on that project due to missed deadlines.

Nintendo's utter incompetence and inability to understand the market is completely unacceptable. While I rarely have sympathy for the diapered chimps running Best Buy and Gamestop, in this case, I feel bad for them and their employees, who will undoubtedly be screamed at and boycotted by pissed-off customers who are just as screwed by a gaming company that has no goddamned clue how to run a business.


I really think it's time that we stop giving Nintendo a free pass out of nostalgia. This company has a sickness, and it's really doing a piss-poor job at curing it. Not six months ago, people were talking about their financial woes and the possibility of Iwata getting the axe... They've found ways to inject a shitload of cash back into their business, but instead of accepting new and returning customers with open arms, they've cocked their heads and stared at us with befuddlement.

And frankly, after the slap to the face they gave their fans with the Wii, I don't think they deserve shit. When this company inevitably runs into money woes again, they'll have no one to blame but themselves.

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