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[Recommendation/Review] Mahoraba: Heartful Days

This is one of my favorite Romance/Comedy stories of all time.
One of the few anime I've rated a 9/10, and one of the extremely rare manga I've rated a 10/10.

So expect a lot of bias, love, and opinion going into this! :)
I hope you all consider giving this a chance!

As per usual with my reviews.. it'll go kinda like this..
-Who I believe would like it
-a little about it's plot
-a bit about the characters
-...and, a small bit of my favorite part, the romance

One more thing.. a unique topic that differs from my usual review scheme.
-What I think makes it deserves your attention. :)


So let's get to it!

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So.. Who do I think would like this...
If you enjoy romantic comedy anime, especially ones with one girl, and one guy... then this is for you!
It's a great anime for anyone wanting a break from the same old-hat-harems.
Someone looking for something, a little more classy, and a little more realistic feeling.
With characters that you will not only come to love, but feel that you understand.
It is still a comedy though, and at times, it is silly! Often times it's just a flat out great laugh.
Though... it's not all fun and games...
There's a secret... a forgotten past... but also, a lingering hope for a brighter tomorrow...

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Which brings me to my next topic, Mahoraba's plot.
The story revolves around an apartment complex called Narutakisou, and the characters that live there.
It's about their lives, their pasts.. the problems they face, and have overcome..
Making friends, helping people out, and, of course.. falling in love.
It's a tiny-bit on the slow side.. but it's actually very well-paced.
Give it a chance, and you'll be attached to these loveable characters in no time. :)

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So, how about the characters anyway?
The main characters are, Aoba Kozue (blue-haired), and Shiratori Ryushi (dark brown hair).
Kozue is one of my favorite characters, she is a very sweet, and kind girl.
Shiratori is a dedicated artist, who aspires to be a children's book author.
The other characters will just get a group description. :)
They are quirky, very fun, and have interesting stories to them.
They are all very good friends, and as things go on, and you hear some of their stories...
You'll realize just how precious this apartment complex, Narutakisou is to all of them.

Next up, a small blurb about the romance! :)

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So.. let's get this out of the way..
It might come across as a little weird, but don't freak out.. OK?
Shiratori, and Kozue are second cousins. -.-
(Which weirdly enough, is apparently legal in all 50 states.)
It's one of.. if not THE most adorable, and heartfelt couples I have seen... so please overlook this!
It is a very cute, and very well done romance. :)
You can feel the friendship grow.. and develop as the story goes on.
It's really, really sweet, and I love everything about it.
This is what carries the show so far up the ranks in my mind.
The decisions that have to be made, and the things that are worked through.. it's great.

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I really think you should watch this if you enjoy romance/comedy anime.
It tells a great story, of dreams, persistence, overcoming issues.. and love.
It's a great show to recommend people with a passing interest in anime.
I feel like it's a classic, that should go down with the likes of Chobits, and other staples in anime.

Though, one thing worth mentioning.. is that the manga is better... in some ways.
The music and art of the anime is great, very cheery, and memorable.. I really love it too.
What differs.. is really what makes all the difference to me.

The ending.. the anime/manga endings are not the same (without spoiling anything).
I loved the manga's ending.. it brought tears to my eyes and everything!
While the anime's was good, it just wasn't as final.. didn't have great closure.
So, I'd recommend watching the anime.. see if you like it.. and if you do?
Then read the manga!
It's awesome, and I wish it was translated and brought overseas.. but sadly, that never happened...
It is fan-translated though, so there's always that. :)

I really hope you give it a try, and enjoy it as much as me and the wife have.
If you do end up watching it.. or just want to ask something about it...
Let me know! Comment or discuss it with me.
I'd be glad to chat. :)


Thanks for reading, and I'll see you next review!

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