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Redemption: A Star Wars Live-Play Podcast

Hey, everyone. I know I’m not as active here as I used to be, but thought this might be something the TAYter tots might enjoy, so here goes:

Myself, TommyMFPickles and two of our friends have been playing a monthly game of Star Wars: Edge of the Empire. Being fans of the One Shot Podcast, and the Campaign Podcast, we decided to start recording our sessions, and those have evolved into a podcast of our own. TMFP plays the character of Kaio Greel, a Nautolan medic/gunner, and I play the character of Enssan Tazi, Duros smuggler and ship’s captain.


If you are into role play podcasts, Star Wars or just like interesting stories, give us a listen. It’s 100% free with no ads or anything like that - it’s a labor of love for us and we’re happy with that.

Check it out at http://redemption.rpgstuff.net - there are links to download, RSS feeds and iTunes links as well. We’ve got 3 episodes up and another on the way Sunday.

Hope you guys like it!

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