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Redesigning Super Mario Bros. Part 3

Sorry I missed yesterday, guys! I had a number of realizations. I'll have to bump the series and continue to next week (sorry Pokemon One a Day!) and maybe I won't be able to do rapid-fire one day after another posts. It's a lot more work than I thought, despite working most of the last few days since I revealed the project...So throw away the notion that this is a 6 part series.

That said, let's not waste any time and get into today's characters!


Welcome to part 3 of Redesigning Super Mario Bros. Part 3!

Today's theme revolves around enemies! Or are we looking at anti-heroes!? What's going on with this bunch? Let's find out.



With Wario, I built up from the new look he got from the Wario Ware franchise. Knowing that he rides on a hog, I sought to continue to give these characters proper personalities and roles in the world and the best fit for Wario was to make him an auto mechanic. In the day, he runs a shop where he enjoys fixing up anything with an engine while at night, he escapes into the Mushroom Kingdom and surrounding world to hunt for treasure.

At "Wario Brothers Auto Repair-Land" , Wario is known to overcharge his customers for his services but he gets a constant stream of business. Believe it or not, people love Wario for his top quality work and find him to be very reliable and even friendly. Wario's demeanor at work is that of someone who really loves cars and enjoys discussing anything mechanic. If he has paying customers, he treats them as kings and queens. It's only outside of the real world that he turns into a ruthless greedy warlord.

As an auto mechanic, Wario is skilled with his hands and loves to tinker and build things. In my universe, I've made Wario the inventor of the enemies Mario faces in various games: the bob-omb, bullet bill, banzai bill, and chain chomp. Wario still hasn't quite gotten torpedo ted down, as he is not too accustomed with aquatic machines, although he has in possession several submarines that he'll tinker with soon.


I looked at the Mario universe and found enemies that would work by attaching Wario to their creation. All of these feature similar features, and felt like a perfect fit.

Wario's design revolves around his love for money and gold, and he's decked out all the way. I suggest you look through his design and enjoy the details, both extravagant and otherwise. Between a cracked goggle, a caution tape patterns, poison mushroom patch, gold coin kneepad, koopa shell inspired boots, gold teeth, and even mustard and sweat stains on his shirt, Wario is one of my personal favorites to date.




Waluigi, the brother Wario who never got a chance to shine. I hate that Nintendo has still not found a way to incorporate Waluigi into a main game, let alone the two for story purposes. Waluigi is seen primarily in the sports games, and therefore a man capable of being athletic and skilled in many facets. Thus, my concept of Waluigi takes him into a darker place utilizing such skills. He may look tall and lanky, but Waluigi is capable of getting what he wants, especially for the sake of the business. While Wario is working, Waluigi devises heists, negotiates contracts, obtains money owed, and plenty more jobs that need to be done. He is a professional in every sense of the word.

Waluigi very showcases much emotion, instead is very somber in appearance and attitude. If he has a goal in mind, it is usually the only thing he cares for and is figuring out ways to reach it. That said, I wanted his design to reflect as such. His rolled up sleeves show that he is ready to get down to business, and his general tidy and well put together outfit reveals he cares about the finest details. Despite wearing such expensive weatches, silk ties, custom hat, carries a designer bag and brand named shoes, he shows no sign of worrying about getting anything damaged. Not like it would matter, anyway, the Wario brothers are swimming in cash.

Because Waluigi is a character who was never really well received, I wanted to redesign him the most, and from the ground up. He was overly expressive in the games with ridiculous animations and his silly and lanky nature, which I is fine in its own way for the regular games...But not for here. My goal was to wipe that clean and make him someone to be as feared and gain respect like Wario.


So, how do these two brothers fit into the story exactly?

Wario and Waluigi are business men, more than anything. As much as Wario loves to head out on adventures for treasure, he won't do it blindly without making sure there is a proper return for investment, which is something Waluigi will figure out before hand. That said, one way to make money is to...sell weapons. In this case, minions for an army. But whose army do they sell to?


The two have no alliances, but instead opt to deliver goods to of course, the highest bidder. Who might that be? Stay tuned...

But for now, let's meet their creations:


Bullet and Banzai Bill

Is a standard enemy we've met who come cutting through the air. Cutting being the keyword, I gave it a fin to be more aerodynamic. I then decided to figure a use for its hands. Why does this thing have hands? Well, I have a rather grim use for them. In the games, Mario gets hit by Bullet Bill but "dies", and the thing continues flying. In this rendition, Bill is a proper missile. These things blow up on contact. However, there is a set timer for when it blows up. If Bill flies over its target, it will miss it as the enemy runs away and continues to fly until it blows up. It should be noted this version of Bill is not heatseeking. That said, Bill has arms so that it can scoop up the target, gripping them tightly until its timer goes off and BOOM.


Banzai Bill

Seeing Banzai Bill (referred to from here on out as BB), I was reminded of fighter planes with the mouths drawn on them. I decided to continue with the fin aspect from Bill and make it a proper shark missile. Not much else needs to be said that its large and capable of doing quite some damage to a particular area. These cost a lot so not many are made into production. Of the many reasons why the costs are there is being it contains its own rocket engine, to allow it to reach further distances.

Wario handpaints the mouth himself, and was inspired by Bowser Jr.'s bib of all things.




Bob-ombs have gotten more dangerous than when you last saw them. It made no sense to me other than being a bit cute that these things had wind up keys and feet to run around and chase Mario. Using treads for this design, Bob-omb is able to traverse into more areas that victims may run off to. The old legs were barely efficient to travel at all. Bob-ombs have a long fuse that Mario and Luigi have to guage from afar to keep a safe distance. If the brothers need the explosive power of a bob-omb, they can run quickly to the explosive and yank it off the treads. The bomb is actually round and sits in a bit of a cradle. It doesn't take much effort to do so and thus gives the brothers a bob-omb to throw about to use for their advantage.

Notice the decal on the face? Its actually the symbol for Wario Ware! I thought it would be a nice change to paint that on the Bob-ombs face, as again it fits with the direction of making these objects creations of the Wario brothers. Also, something about giving a face to inanimate objects make them more terriying. As you can tell, these aren't "living" creatures like they seemingly were in say, Super Mario 64 where they could speak to you.


Chain Chomp


CC is a wrecking ball, in every sense of the word. Wario finds wrecking balls attached to cranes and either steals them from their construction sites. These like Bansai Bill are rather hard to produce and cost quite a bit. Because they are so violent and unpredictable, they need to be chained up so they' won't run away. However, they have a sense of discipline when given a proper target. Chain Chomps are given a target and the machine will only target the enemy when it is in close range. So for example, if the target was Mario, it would pay no mind to Luigi who could walk right past it so long as Mario was in its range. It can only process one target at a time, but if its target is cleared, it will move to the next one right away. So if Mario was defeated, and Luigi was nearby, a second after confirmation that the target was cleared would the beast lunge at the brother in green.

It should be noted that when Chain Chomp grabs a hold of its enemy, its dental work is made up of brushed stainless steel (as suggested by Astro, our resident blacksmith :D - Thanks!) and makes it impossible for the prey to escape as it were, and then soon gobbles up the target and reduces them to ashes in its furnace gullet, which is also the source of how its eyes light up from the outside.

As for its design, Chain Chomp is already a nice design and didn't ned much else added to him. So, I sought to incorporate the new details I made for this story and set of illustrations and give it a matching color scheme as the rest of Wario's weaponry. The key was to industrialize him a bit more, if that makes any sense...:P

The key to these designs were the bluish tones matched with reds that I associated with welding and machinery. They all share similar hues of greys as well. Having a consistency between them was key to give them a feel that they were created from the same place.


Whew! So that's another batch down! Hope you enjoyed the work and the rather long write up, and look forward to showcasing the next batch soon.


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