The baddies you all know and love appear in today's set! Featuring a mix of foes attacking from the sky, traditional on foot obstacles and meanies, and then creeps of the sea, today's set takes a look at enemies fighting on behalf of the Koopa King!

Let's take a closer look at these foes one by one!



Goombas are supposedly sentient mushrooms. Their original design doesn't really convey that to me so I made an effort to really send the message even upon first glance of my concept. The original Goombas are based off of Shitake mushrooms - mine builds off the color scheme with a visual translation of the iconic red mushroom that our hero Mario ingests to grow into "Super" status.
I included a tinge of brown like the original Goomba with the reddish tone to showcase a sense of decay.

My concept of Goomba deals with good mushrooms going "bad" in the sense of decay, not necessarily light vs. dark. Thus, from afar, one might think they can go and pick up this super shroom off the ground only to find it jump out and attack its prey. I really wanted to create an entity that could camoflauge well, and this Goomba even has moss growing on its feet so when it plants itself waiting for a victim, its even more invisible to the naked eye.


Paragoomba join this roster of redesigns rather late because I didn't immediately think of how to translate a flying Goomba into my world using the logic and rules I've set so far. Nintendo has a habit of generalizing enemies by certain features and feathery wings can be added to just about anything to make them fly. And that's fine for the game world for what they represent.

But for this project, it was only until I realized I could use little mushrooms extending from the back of a Goomba as rocket boosters! The concept is out there but so is the Mario world in general. I think its a fun little touch and using the spores as a means to boost is a bit more "realistic" (used very loosely here) and thus gives Goomba the ability to be airborne.


Piranha Plant

My concept for the plants was to keep them largely familiar but instill my sense of color into the enemies to really liven them up. I wanted to give them a tropical feel and have a bit more personality with subtle details. Because the Piranha plant bites to attack, I gave its teeth the focus with a bit of an overbite and saliva dripping to really highlight the mouth. This version of Piranha plant actually turns more red when it sees its prey, and is usually a very bright unassuming color when in waiting to lure its victim. The closer the person gets, the more red it will turn, which if the victim has no idea what is about to happen, is only more intrigued why the plant is turning colors.


I imagine vast jungly areas where the characters need to travel and you could imagine that surrounding them are all sorts of plants. Including Piranha and Venus Fire traps, amidst other plants similar to they with different colors. Players would have to really keep their eyes peeled for particular colors of these plants to know which ones are deadly and which are docile.

Venus Fire Trap: Again, utilzing a more exotic range of colors to flesh out the character, I tried to give more life and personality to this character/enemy and make it less of a palette swap than it was before. Heck, I don't think it even had a palette swap in the original games! I gave it more color and a push to feature its ability to breathe fire by showing how the internal flames light up its outside spots.


Blooper is a design I particularly like more than many others. Its simple and adorable. As you can see, to bring a sense of uniformity to the sea creatures, I gave them all similar "eyewear", originating from Blooper since I liked it so much. To translate him into the world, I made him a proper jellyfish...Nothing too special here, I wanted to keep as much as the original Blooper as possible as a main focus.


Cheep Cheep: How do you try and redesign something that really doesn't need much to change? I mean, its just a fish, and one that everyone recognizes. For Cheep Cheep...I came up with a keyword to help direct me...and I chose "derp".

Does it fit the bill? Since these are cannon fodder enemies, giving them a design with no frills was key. Again, it was a matter of utilizing the original Cheep Cheep as much as I could while giving him a look that could fit my world of designs. I used the elements of the original to change the shape up a bit more, making them appear more similar to our real world flying fish they are based off of.



This guy made a name for himself early on in the Mario Bros. franchise, transforming between red and blue when angered. I decided to make him default blue, and have him turn red in anger in the traditional sense of displaying emotion by color. Like Phanto, it was a matter of upscaling him into "HD", but I gave him my touch as well, since there was a lot of wiggle room. I used the Blooper eye style in a fashion that would fit this creature's traditional way its eyes are presented. Sidesteppers have recent appearances in games like Mario Kart Wii and look different from this version. I took the yellow colored tip from the claw and applied it to mine over here.


When it comes to enemies, there's not much to say, really. Nintendo has done a good job with designing them and they all fulfill their roles. For this series, Goomba was a design I really wanted to tackle and redesign more than any others, and I'm really happy with how it came out. The Piranha plants too I felt was a success. With the sea trio, it was less of a priority as they were all pretty fine the way they were, but again, for the sake of fitting them into this project, I was happy to bring them onboard.

That wraps up today's art, hope you enjoyed!

We're getting closer to King Koopa and his personal army...What do you think they might look like?