Today, we continue the streak of revealing baddies! the theme for this set seem to be dungeon crawlers, if anything. These are a few enemies you find in Boo houses, dungeons, the underground and caves.

What I realized with many of these redesigns for baddies aren't that they're so much redesigns, but just alternate versions in the sense that they get various visual updates per release depending on the games. They don't really need redesigns in the sense that the originals are lacking in anyway, bar a few minions but where I filled in the blanks was with their back stories and traits.

If you haven't seen the first set of minion's before these, check 'em out here:…


OK, so without further delay, let's take a look at today's second set of minions!



Thwomps are blocks animated by King Koopa's vizier, Magikoopa. Thwomps are actually ? blocks that have evolved through the power of magic. Over the years, they grow more and larger stone-like protrusions. It is said that one can tell the age of a Twhomp depending on how many spikes are found in its formations that one would call the eyebrows and beards of Twhomps. The reason why they rise into the air and then come crashing down is because of their past lives as ? blocks.

I should note that in this universe, I'm not basing off of the fact that brick blocks and ? blocks are Toads that have been transformed like read in the SMB game manual. That said, Twhomps recall their time floating in mid-air, and try to stay in that position as they once did as ? blocks but due to their immense weight come crashing down. Thus, King Koopa places these in dungeons and castles as yet another obstacle for Mario and the gang to clear.

Fire Snake + Lava Bubble


Fire Snakes aren't the most familiar of enemies from the game, but they're still pretty interesting. Where you'll remember them from are desert levels and they're also the fiery jump rope as seen in that one Mario Party game! I think.

Anyway, I also translated how the fireballs in Bowser dungeons, known as "Lava Bubblse" came to be by merging the concept of it with the Fire Snake. Lava Bubbles are entities made from Fire Snakes who have fallen into pools of lava. King Koopa has ordered his minions to find wild Fire Snakes, originating from desert regions and bring them back to his castle.


They then mercilessly toss the Fire Snakes into the lava pools that fill his dungeons.

Because Fire Snakes are made up of various segments, people think it is a large creature. However, it is all a ruse to the ignorant - the Fire Snake is actually just the first piece of the serpent...the head. When the Fire Snake has fallen into lava, it loses its body to the magma and attempts to jump out- sadly to no avail. Thus, when Mario is running through the dungeon, the Lava Bubble is not trying to attack Mario. It has its own agenda, and is trying to escape from the magma eating it alive.




Professor E. Gadd first discovered Boos well before the King Koopa even heard about such creatures. Once he did, he would soon employ them as part of his army, noting their abilities to multiply quickly and using pathological methods of attacks against their victims.

Boos are actually quite shy otherwise - From afar, they are able of puffing themselves up into a large size, even melding with other Boos to frighten its target. However, the confidence boost is paper thin - if its victim shows no fear, it loses its composure and will drop to the floor like a brick - losing all colors in its face as it compacts itself away from the victim they once called prey.

Boos in general are indifferent to the concepts of good or evil, and follow Bowser simply because he provides them dungeons and mansions to give them a home away from the real world. Boos are playful creatures that play off and mimic their care-takers. Under Bowser's control, they become agitated and ferocious...Under Luigi and E.Gadd, Boos are friendly and calm. Thus, their "pet" Boo, Bloo, is reflective of their personalities.


Although its still under question where exactly Boos are made of, the thought is that they are the general form for all beings that have passed. Of course, it is only but one theory but E. Gadd has since employed Luigi to help discover the answer with him with the cleaning service they use as a ruse to actually collect and then study Boos and ghosts.

Buzzy Beetle


My interpretation of Buzzy Beetle turns the original, as seen above as a style of Koopa, into its namesake and an actual insect of sorts. This actually explains how it could stick and climb surfaces and even walk on ceilings. Buzzy Beetles are notable for their ability to deflect various projectiles, making them the first wave of enemies the gang will come across - clearing the way with their near impervious shells so that their minions can cover more ground without being in line of fire. The minions following the Buzzy Beetles will collect the armor hides of these creatures should they fall, and recycle them to be used for King Koopa's personal army - the Koopa Troops!

And that about wraps it up for today! Hope you enjoyed this second set of enemies...We've got a big set coming up with another set of more notable villains, so keep your eyes peeled! Thanks for reading and looking!