I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Cromartie High School? Simply hilarious. The opening credits capture the series’ absurdity perfectly, including its eccentric choice of song.

Cromartie High School
Takuro Yoshida

One of the things that I appreciate about the series, actually, is the extent to which its music influences its style and content (just look at all the Queen baiting, for god’s sake). Cromartie’s taste in music ain’t remotely half-bad either; said opening song is a fantastic example.


With all the minor chords and the American country and spaghetti western-esque influences, its general sound is bad-ass. What really takes “Jun” up a notch from good to great, however, is the combination of guitar and organ solos—the former occurring in the instrumental bridge following the second chorus, and the latter occurring after the final chorus.

The last part of the guitar solo in particular, where the distortion ramps up to deliver a sublime flurry of high-pitched licks, gives me chills every time. It is, no exaggeration, one of THE most euphoric moments in music I know. And if it had no choice but to act in service of one of the screwiest anime comedies ever committed to television, then so be it.

(originally posted on Tumblr March 26, 2013)

RedStripe Loved Trax—originally from days of Tumblr past—is a series about the music Justin adores, with special emphasis on songs from (or introduced by) video games and anime.


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