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RedStripe Loved Trax: Pride Of Saint Jacinto

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Just as true in 2017 as it was in 2013, check the YouTube comments to any video of thing song, and one thing you’re guaranteed to see is some variation of “OH YEAH this was my jam in Hot Wheels Turbo Racing!!!” And yup, just like them, that’s how I first heard of this one.

Hot Wheels Turbo Racing
“Pride Of Saint Jacinto”
Reverend Horton Heat

Actually, can I just spend a moment to express that this game—this one goddamn toy tie-in racing game—had such a wholly banging licensed soundtrack? Not just courtesy of Reverend Horton Heat, but also awesome shit from the likes of Mix Master Mike and Meat Beat Manifesto. Yet “Pride Of San Jacinto” really may be the best of them all.


It starts off with a killer introduction and loses none of that steam from then on. There’s this sound and rhythm that’s like a cowboy’s badass galloping across the plains on a quick and reliable steed. Perfect for a racing game. It’s a hell of a lot of fun, too; even as a kid driving across the Hot Wheels tracks, I couldn’t help but join in with each “HOO!!! HAA!!!” in the choruses.

Neither could my girlfriend, who while I was originally writing this thing as a Tumblr screed, only needed to hear a little section of the song through my headphones before joining in with those yells. Do NOT underestimate how contagious this thing is.


My biggest epiphany about the track, however, would come many years after being a little Turbo Racing-playing kid. When all the Guitar Heroes were a thing several years ago, I instantly became a fan of the ultra-crazy and fun “Psychobilly Freakout” from the second game, and remembered the name Reverend Horton Heat on that account.

And what else has he made? Why, nothing less than that fucking awesome track that I knew from the Hot Wheels game years back! In that moment, personal gaming history circled back on itself, and was such a beautiful thing to behold.


(originally posted on Tumblr May 9, 2013)

RedStripe Loved Trax—originally from days of Tumblr past—is a series about the music Justin adores, with special emphasis on songs from (or introduced by) video games and anime.

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