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Regarding The TAY Friends Database

Hello, this is TheUnfathomableTruth. I just have a few quick things to say regarding our TAY Friend Database.

So, first off, let me address what this is to all of you newcomers. We, the people of TAY, decided that playing games together with our friends on here might be a nice way to kill an afternoon, and maybe some baddies, depending on the game you're playing. So, what better way to do so than to share our friend codes, accounts and contact info on a nice and simple spreadsheet. After our good friend CallistEx- who also thought this up way back during the earlier days of the Kinja change -set up a public Google Document spreadsheet to organize our contact info, I took the helm and have been overseeing the maintenance process for this project. Thus, I would greatly appreciate it if you stick to the conventions if you wish to participate. To request submission to this TAY Database, all you have to do is post a reply on this very post and include your contact information in this format:

*Only submit information that is applicable in the following order*

-Nintendo 3DS Friend Code: Please use a "-" to separate the number sequences. Ex: 2344-4323-4583

-Nintendo WiiU Account: Please make sure to copy information down exactly as it is.

-Steam Account: Also, please enter account information in each respective section. If the account name is the same, do so anyways. Don't say "Steam and PSN are-"

-PSN Account: In the rare case that you have a Vita with different accounts, please notify.

-Xbox Live Gamertag:

-Origin Account:

-Raptr Account:

And finally, include a small description of your typical gaming habits, as to give people an idea of what to expect.


Please follow that form exactly as presented. In case you haven't noticed, each of the contacts are linked to that person's information post, the one they posted as a reply to past iterations of the Database. That way, when you're going to friend someone, please click on the link and reply to them in order to notify them, in case the friending service does not send a friend request.

Regarding edits and changes to the Database, feel free to contact me or CallistoEx and inform us of whatever it is that you need.

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