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This past few weeks, the dark underbelly of the gaming world has been shoved into the limelight as a few certain prominent females in the industry have been harassed and threatened. It's sickening and unacceptable.

I can't stand it.

And yet, on Kotaku and on Destructoid, we get articles like this.

It's spineless, and it's cowardly.

You don't have to agree with Anita Sarkeesian to think that the people that found her address and threatened to rape her are the scum of the earth. You don't need to think Zoe Quinn is a saint to realize that maybe she doesn't deserve all the derision she's getting.


Writing articles that refer to "recent events" without even mentioning what those events are, articles that beat around the bush without trying to make a point — this is anti-journalism. The world of reporting in games is fraught enough.

Is it really so hard to lay the issues out?

Well, here, let me try.

This past month, 2 major events rocked the gaming world.

1: Zoe Quinn, the indie developer behind Depression Quest, was accused by her ex of cheating on him with several prominent industry professionals, including games journalists. She was ridiculed and harassed, and will likely be ex-communicated from many of the development circles she was once involved in.

2: Anita Sarkeesian released a new video. People got mad. People threatened to rape and murder her. People threatened to rape and murder her family. People looked up her personal address. She had to fucking move.

See how easy that was?

There are so many opinions about these two women out there that it'd be impossible to list all of them, and I don't care to share mine. I am not defending Zoe Quinn, nor am I implying I agree with Anita Sarkeesian's videos.


What I am doing is pointing out the actions of the people who share our zeal for gaming. The terrible, illegal, despicable actions that neither of these women deserve.

It's insulting that the gaming media has taken a hands-off approach to both of these issues. It proves that, no matter how you slice it, gaming is still a boys' club, at least in terms of the people creating and covering them.


Grow a spine and inform us as to what the issues are. Condemn the unacceptable actions. That is part of your job as a journalist.

I'm sick of the phrase "recent events".

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