I'm really feeling it!

Time 9-ish EST; 8-ish Central time. TONIGHT!! A half hour before to make contact if you’re new or just to goof off. Place Aim(if you’re new make an AIM and send Spacegar or Gar a message and I think I can send you the invite. Or Zarnyx or Zarnyx Uriel. Also we might be working on a new spot, but this first one is going to happen in our old hangout.

Film, Deep Blue Sea, in which...well...


Look at it. And it’s real, she’s totally in the same room as that shark. Wait, she’s on the box art but doesn’t get her name on the box?

Please though this is the post if you have questions drop them here. We’d love to get a good group and it’s a lot of fun so come hang out with everyone if you can make it tomorrow.

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