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REMINDER: The "Carving Up That Pumpkin" ActiviTAY!

Hello TAY! There are 20 12 3 days until Halloween! Did I actually check the calendar to see if that's true? I didn't! So please excuse me if my math is off. It's pretty much the same sort of wonderful, messed up logic by which I carved that atrocious pumpkin up there in the header image (seriously, what is that thing?). Let my shame not be yours as I present to you The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown Carving Face Off ActiviTAY!

There are no real rules for the Carve Off (except for the one - thanks Neryl!).

But oh! Since this is TAY and a video game related site, BONUS points to anyone who makes their design video game related.


Show off those pumpkins and submit your entries on or before October 30th, the night before the devils, ghosts and tricksters come out to play on Halloween Night. We'll hold a Pumpkin Viewing on October 31st at 6 p.m. EDT.

Happy Carving, Everyone!

And please, try to not slice off your hand, Blaharg. Unless you wanted to of course. But no bonus points for that.

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