I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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REMINDER: The Great TAY Pumpkin Carve Off

It's almost time to take knives and drilling tools to clueless pumpkins, you heartless fiends. Halloween is just around the corner and those Jack O' Lanterns are not going to carve themselves!

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If you're going to revel in making faces out of pumpkins for their lack of expressions, using their broadsides as your 2spoopy4me canvases, or you just enjoy gutting the poor things for their precious seeds then leaving your mark by carving something into their lifeless exteriors, then join us. Join us and show off your Halloween handiwork in this year's Great TAY Pumpkin Carve Off.

As we did last year, if you're carving a Jack O' Lantern and would like to share your glorious pumpkins with TAY, submit your pumpkin designs by October 30th. Provide them to me in secret by leaving the pictures on my contayct page. If you wanted to give those pictures to me super secretly, message me on the contact page and we'll sort out an exchange.


The plan is to show off everyone's hard work on Halloween with a little Pumpkin Viewing Partay to kick off the tricks and treats of a devilish Halloween Night .

Everyone's welcome to participate, so get to it TAY!

What ghoulish or cutie pumpkin carvings will you create this Halloween?

Edit: And remember the only rule to participate — no paint daubs!

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