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Reminder: Watch Dogs Is Out On Wii U

In case you missed it, Watch Dogs released for Wii U last Tuesday. Ubisoft was kind enough to send over a copy, so I captured the game's first half-hour for you.

Watch Dogs' Wii U release is visually on par with the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions. Fortunately, Ubisoft took some of that extra time to add the game's map to the gamepad. It doesn't sound like a huge addition to the game, but it's handy. I found myself using it far more often than I expected as I played through the game.

I loved Watch Dogs when I reviewed it earlier this year. If you've been waiting for the game to reach Nintendo's home console, now's the time. Go get it. The port is solid and it's still every bit as fun as it was when it released.


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