So Renegade Kid is going to come back out and make a Survival Horror game. Right now it is up on Kickstarter for funding and it looks like it has some potential to be good. Especially when you look back at their previous horror titles Dementium: The Ward and Dementium II, which were both solid horror games, you can start to think that this game might be worth funding.

They posted this video showing some pre-pre-pre alpha footage of the game, nothing scary in this, they just wanted to show you the vibe of the game, and how the lighting can affect the feeling of the atmosphere.

This would be their first venture away from handheld consoles, aside from their HD release of Dementium II which is on steam.

Alright, so you play this game as Gavin Mellick whose mother has recently passed away. He ends up going to this small town because he was unable to reach his sister on the phone and thought she might be in this town because they used to live there. (This sort of has a Silent Hill 2 vibe to me.) Well anyways, as Gavin is coming to the town a big dust-storm blows in and he begins hearing rumors about a mysterious cult.

Current concept art of Gavin.

Since this is their first outing away from handheld, (The game was originally intended for 3DS) it is quite possible that this could be much more detailed than their previous titles. More so in that they plan to do it via episodic gameplay like Telltales games. It'd be cool to have your actions affect your future or at least shape the story like they do in The Walking Dead, but just because it is episodic don't think we are getting a point and click game. It will be played from first person perspective, and it will feature combat (hopefully better than Dementium's) and the silent tense, exploration that can set you up for a good scare.


Graphically, I think it resembles Borderlands, but it is in pre-pre-pre-alpha stage so a lot could change about this game, including the graphics. As well as the game hasn't even been funded on Kickstarter yet, and it is only at $33,084 with 21 days left to reach their ambitious $580,000 goal. So basically this game might not even come out and be forever banished to development hell.


Really, I hope this game gets finished one way or another because I would like to see a final product of this concept. I think that they could provide us with some quality atmosphere and scares with this one if they really run with the cult concept. Because let's be honest, the last cult in a small town tried to raise "god" and we all know how that turned out.

So, what does everyone think about this game and its concept? Do you think it will reach that half million dollar goal?

Anyways, if you want to look it, here is the Kickstarter.