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Replaying Return Of The Obra Dinn Is Like Re-reading A Favorite Book

I purchased a second copy of Return of the Obra Dinn when it released on Switch recently and played through the entire game in two days. It was another incredible experience and it elicited the same feeling of visiting an old friend that I get when re-reading a favorite book.

Even though much of Return of the Obra Dinn’s appeal lies in its mystery and shockingly awesome plot, its incredibly smooth design makes a replay feel very enjoyable. Much like reading pages and turning them as quick as I can when rereading Harry Potter I felt myself remembering bits and pieces of the game that allowed me to quicken my pace at solving puzzles. This didn’t lower my enjoyment of the game at all, in fact I often wondered if a replay of the game, knowing every amazing thing that awaited me, could perhaps be better than my first time playing it.


I plan on replaying Return of the Obra Dinn once a year and hope to stick with that for a while. The narrative, the art, the voice acting, is so impeccable and solving the mystery so enjoyable, that I can’t keep away from it for long. I still desperately hope it inspires more game developers to think of new and interesting ways to create Adventure games and mysteries.

If you haven’t played Return of the Obra Dinn yet, go get it!

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