I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Hi everybody. I come to you today, with a bit of solemn news. It’s a bit rant-y, but I feel at this juncture, it has to be said. Effective immediately, I’m resigning from writing for TAY. Why now, you must ask, if you have any concern over my contributions over the past year as a writer for this site, or years as an active member in this little community. The answer is, I can’t deal with Gawker anymore. For those of you who are monitoring this, This last little bit of dialogue i’m punching in is not meant to be a hatchet job. I can honestly say that there are a good handful of writers that I am going to miss reading, though unfortunately, I can’t stand the idea of even contributing hits to this beast that cannot be fed which actively supports the idea of clickbaiting its consumers with shocking headlines and sub-par, swear laden “articles”, as well as its new “wait 5 seconds” portal ad structure. It absolutely breaks my heart that this has to be the way that we part ways, but the fact of the matter is, recently, Gawker has posted a defensive post about them potentially being destroyed by a particular lawsuit, and their defense is a bunch of links to poorly written, even more poorly researched “articles”, primarily on Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. When I first started with Gizmodo and Kotaku, it felt like the usual snark and easygoing writing that I gravitate toward with informational sites. It didn’t feel like just a cash grab, laced with foul language (Though i’ll admit I have quite the foul tongue during some of my articles, but I’m writing for free, there’s quite a bit of difference between the paid and unpaid writers. I expect them to clean it up, at least a little.) and outspoken, oft insulting agendas against certain groups. I never really saw this on TAY. No, this is not a you problem. The lot of you have been really good to me, and have written some really outstanding stuff. This is me, leaving utterly and completely, out of my own sense of outrage.

So, there’s not much else to be said. You’ll find me on the TAY discord, as it’s an “in name only” affiliation to the site, and gawker gets nothing from that. As for the future, writing columns for me is up in the air. You’ll definitely get your fill of my opinions on discord, but nothing to comparing to the kind of in-depth writing I’ve posted here, though let’s be honest, a lot of it was opinion.


So, Farewell TAY. I’m sorry I couldn’t stick around longer.

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