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Resisting Temptation

So it's safe to say that the new Animal Crossing game has hooked me in a way that I haven't felt since the release of Mass Effect 3. Since yesterday I've logged a staggering 10 hours of gameplay. In my first two days, I've managed to grab both house expansions, make over 300k bells (before you ask, shark fishing), and I've completed over 50% of the fish index. However, I keep wanting more. It's hard to resist the temptation of just tinkering with the clock settings a bit to fast forward my gameplay. I want that island, I want those new villagers, I want those expansions, I want more!

However, I know what will happen; it's a lesson I learned all too well when my 9 year old self was playing the original AC back in 2002. You change that clock once, and it's over. You can't stop. It's too addicting. Also, I've read some things that make it a tad less appealing to time travel. Once you set the clock, your villagers will like you less, flowers will die, weeds will grow, and the magic that keeps you coming back every day vanishes. There is one more thing as well...

(Spoilers for AC will follow if you care)

I've been doing some reading, and the amount of content in this game is astronomical. I've been wondering why it's been so easy to make bells, and I got my answer. The complete cost to upgrade only your house, your house alone, is over seven million bells. There are over 30 public works projects that cost anywhere from 30,ooo to 400,000 bells each. The furniture is drastically expanded. Your main street will eventually grow until you have things such as a 3 store shopping complex, a hair salon, a shoe store, a cafe, and several others. Also, it's going to take all of us a month of playing every day for a little bit just to even access most of the main street buildings, let alone upgrade our houses to mansions. As I look on all of this, I realize that I don't want to fast forward. I want to take it easy for once. Sure, I may have a bit of a fishing/bug hunting addiction (remember, tarantulas on the ground 7pm-4am June-August!) but that doesn't mean that I'm hopelessly searching for things to do. I realize that even though I can't stand the wait, I'm having fun. Isn't that what it's all about, after all?


Also, I still have only visited one town, and I've only had two visitors! Keep those gates open and those friend codes pouring in, and I'll be sure to drop by and say hi!

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