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Retrode: Thoughts?

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So Ars did a review on the Retrode. It seems like a cool little device for those of us holding on to our cartridge games and worrying about them getting worn out or backing up those save files in case the battery dies.

It's pretty much just a small little USB device that allows you to put in SNES and Genesis cartridges, and their Japanese counterparts the Mega Drive and Super Famicom, and boot up the roms on your PC through an emulator legally. Then you can plug in your original controllers right into it and play to your hearts content!

The cool thing is then you can back up a copy of the rom right to your PC, copy over your save files from the cartridges, and use the original controllers. They even will sell adapters for other systems like N64 and the Game Boy family.

The biggest thing is easily that you get these roms legally for yourself and the easy of plug and play without trying to find a special usb controller or mapping buttons to they keyboard. Downside is the $85 dollar price tag.

What are your thoughts TAY?


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