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Retrohunter95 Top 5 indie games.

Hello my fellow TAYers, i haven't published anything relevant since that Bioshock Infinite review months ago, so i decided to return with a Top 5.

Indie gaming has gained a big amount of popularity over the last few years, thanks to digital distribution systems like Playstation Store, Xbox Live Arcade or Steam, or sites like Gamejolt or IndieDB, along with the help of things like Steam Greenlight or Steam Early Access, and of course even the App Store or Google Play store, now more people than ever can develop games, and a lot of people can enjoy them.


Some indie games like Minecraft have even become a big part of the gaming world, getting nearly (If not the same) level of recognition among both core and casual gamers.

So that's why i bring you this, my top 5 indie games.

5-Terraria (PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS Vita, Mobile).

Some games are better enjoyed when played with friends, that's why Terraria is on this list, i remember playing this months ago with 1 or 2 friends and having a good time, some people may say this is 2D Minecraft, but i think they are 2 different games, since Minecraft is more focused on the sandbox and building aspect, whereas Terraria focuses more on adventures, that's why this game is on this top.

However, the reason it is at No. 5, it's because of my earlier statement, while this is fun playing with friends, i couldn't find myself playing a lot on Solo, it just feels better to play this with friends.


4-Super Meat Boy (PC, Xbox 360).


I can only describe this game with only one word: Insanity.

There are many things to like about Super Meat Boy, the OST, the artistic direction, and how batshit insane the gameplay is.


It may seem simple, just go from point A to point B, right? RIGHT?.

NOPE, you have to cross many obstacles, and since literally anything can kill you, you will have to combine fast reflexes with fast-thinking and patience. You will probably find yourself repeating the same level over and over again. This is part of the joy of Super Meat Boy, going insane and quitting the game after trying to complete a level so many times and failing miserably, this is why i decided to put it on my Top 5, sadly it's only at No. 4, since trying to do the same level over and over again can feel tiring.


Another thing worth pointing out, if you're into indie gaming, you may recognize some of the unlockable characters.

3-The Binding of Isaac (PC)


What do you get if you mix the unforgiving gameplay of the first The Legend of Zelda game, a crazy setup that makes fun of religion fanatism, an art direction that can only be found in Newgrounds and roguelike gameplay mechanics?

Of course, The Binding of Isaac!.

I have to say this game is made with the Hardcore gamer in mind, along to the things listed above let's add: Randomly-generated levels, hard bosses, and exchanging healths for bonuses, i say this is worth playing :P.


2-Super Hexagon (PC, iPhone/iPad).


There's a reason Super Hexagon is at number 2, it's a game that can be played in short bursts, but you will end up playing longer because of 3 reasons:

-That addicting soundtrack

-The joyful feel of avoiding hexagons

-You will play again after you die, just so you can break your own record, hear that electronic music, and if you're good, beat the game.


Nuff said.

1-Hotline Miami (PC, PS3, PS Vita).


The 80's, Miami, Over-the-top violence, addicting OST, surreal story, 8-bit graphics, all in one package known as Hotline Miami.

Another great quality of Hotline Miami is that it's one of the games you just want to play to see what happens next, the levels keep getting harder and crazier, that's all i have to say.


Honorable mentions:

There are more games i wished to add to the list, but i didn't because i wanted to keep it at 5 games, but just like the 5 mentioned above, i enjoyed them and they deserved to be played.


Path of Exile (PC).


Amnesia: The Dark Descent


Indie Game: The Movie


I know it's not a game, but if you're a gamer then it's worth watching.

Anyway, this was my Top 5 indie games, i hope you play all the ones i've mentioned.


Have a nice Sunday (Or what's left of it ;_;).

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