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Retron 5 Shipment Finally Arrives at Hyperkin

Pictured is Lead Product Developer Chris Gallizzi standing in front of pretty much every Retron 5 console. It's official, people - this thing is real. I know a lot of you enjoyed my Retron 5 article, so I'll give you the low-down on what I know:

- The Retron 5 carries an MSRP of $140, which is actually a fair value, I feel. However, those that pre-ordered on Amazon when the price was still at $99 will still have that price honoured.


- There is a rumour that all who pre-ordered before a certain date will receive a second Bluetooth controller for free, but I don't think this has been Kojima Confirmed (TM).

- There is another rumour that this first shipment only contains grey units, and that those who pre-ordered the black one will have to wait longer... But that crate is jam-fucking packed, so I kinda doubt that.

- The delay was likely a combination of reasons: It's likely that demand heavily outweighed supply. A lot of people suspect that a shipment has already arrived (they've given away units for review and as prizes), but that Hyperkin had been sitting on it until they could actually match demand. Just as well, this particular shipment seems to have gotten stuck in customs at some point between March and its arrival today, based on my e-mail conversations with Chris himself.

- Based on my knowledge of shipping and logistics, I would guess that local stores will start seeing them next week, if Hyperkin started shipping out today. I had originally predicted late May to mid June, and that seems to have been dead-on.


- Yes, I will be live-streaming this fucker. Probably on a Friday night, since that's when my brother does his Twitch livestream show. I'll convince him to bring over his capture card, possibly with Doritos and Krakken spiced rum as bait.

- Yes, I'll be doing an in-depth and heavily technical written review of this thing. If you want a certain game tested, let me know! If I have it, I'll include it in the stream/review.


If you have any questions about the Retron 5 or my hump, my lovely lady lumps, feel free to ask - I probably either know the answer, can get the answer, can render an educated guess, or baffle you with my sex appeal.


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