Furi, a stylish arcade dueling game from The Game Bakers, dropped this month on Playstation 4 and Steam — and it’s part of this month’s lineup of free games for Playstation Plus subscribers. Unlike many complimentary offerings, Furi is a solid, fun, and fresh experience — everything I want from a Playstation Plus title.

Here are three reasons why Furi is everything a Playstation Plus game should be.

Image Credit: thegamebakers.com

It’s Stylish

Everything about Furi just overflows with style — from the environments to the character models to the soundtrack.

Every environment is different from the last, and they all pop with super-saturated, neon colors. The game is very, very pleasing on the retinas, and being forced to walk through each environment gives one ample time to truly soak it all in.


The soundtrack is just plain fantastic, featuring electro musicians Carpenter Brut, Danger, The Toxic Avenger, Lorn, Scattle, Waveshaper and Kn1ght. With surround-sound headphones, I found myself simply blown away by the music of this game, which is truly one of its high points.

Each boss is unique and badass, in their own way — unsurprising, considering they were all designed by Afro Samurai creator Takashi Okazaki. I was always excited to see who was next in line to try and stop me, and I was never disappointed by the result.

Speaking of bosses...

Image Credit: thegamebakers.com


It’s Challenging

Furi is tough. Real tough. But tough in a good way — not in a “I want to throw my DualShock 4 through my TV” way.

First and foremost, all you do is fight bosses. There is no combat in-between. And these boss fights are long. As the fights progress further and further, the challenge increases as the bosses change up their tactics — creating an ever-growing sense of anxiety.


The game is fair — it will never, and I mean never, screw you over. If you are defeated, it is because you haven’t mastered the skills required to defeat that boss. Plain and simple. Luckily, if you are defeated, you can just hop right back into it from the beginning of the battle — and you will likely be more successful, as you learn attack patterns and develop new strategies.

The gameplay is ultra-responsive, mixing swordplay with dual-stick shooting. It’s relatively simple, once you get the hang of it, but incredibly hard to master. Once you have managed to beat the game, you are given a score, in addition to unlocking speedrun mode and Furier difficulty.

Regarding speedruns and difficulty...

Image Credit: thegamebakers.com


It’s Got a Platinum

...Not that you will be able to get it.

Currently a 1.19% Ultra Rare on PSNprofiles, the platinum is tough — requiring one to beat both the designer’s and combat designer’s speedrun times, in addition to scoring an S-rank on Furier difficulty. Like the game itself, these trophies are not cheap nor impossible... just incredibly difficult — requiring a pure mastery of the game.


The rest of the trophies are fair and fun — most of them are progression-based, with a few for accomplishing specific tasks during the boss fights.

All in all, Furi has a great trophy list. (Who doesn’t love to see a good trophy list?) Most importantly, however, the trophy list promotes replaying the game — which is awesome, because this is definitely a game worth replaying.

Image Credit: thegamebakers.com


The Verdict

Furi is a fantastic game.

Rarely am I so pleased to launch up a Playstation Plus freebie and get lost into its world and gameplay mechanics. Once I started on my quest for freedom, I couldn’t stop until I beat the game. With a healthy backlog and library of games, I just couldn’t think of playing anything else. All I wanted to do was play Furi.


The combat is ultra tight and responsive. The design is brilliant and Metal Gear Solid-esque. The super-saturated colors explode off the screen, and the soundtrack is of the highest quality, matching the setting of Furi perfectly. Each boss fight is exciting and fresh, coupling anxiety and fear with the thrill of successfully striking the final blow.

If you have Playstation Plus, Furi must be downloaded as soon as possible. If you don’t, you can pick it up for $24.99 on Steam and PSN — well worth the price, in my opinion.

Final Score: 9/10

What do you think? Have you beaten Furi? Have you beaten it on Furier? Do you agree with my score, or do you think it’s too generous? Let me know @Shasdam and/or in the comments!


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