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For those of you familiar with my content, specifically my Kreia’s Conundrums articles, you may have read the title and already deduced the reason behind the statement. I’m well aware of how controversial the new Star Wars canon is, especially after the Last Jedi. It realy should have been Admiral Ahkbar who took command.

That was him, baby!

Regardless of what your opinion of the films may be, I’ve had something on my mind ever since I saw The Force Awakens. Rey finds herself engaging Kylo Ren in a lightsaber duel and at a certain point it becomes clear that Kylo Ren has the upper hand. Then something happens, something that can basically be explained as Rey’s own ‘trench run’ moment, but an extreme version of it.

I watch these movies through the lens of a knights of the old republic 2 fan. Perhaps I shouldn’t, but at this point I can’t really help it. When I first saw this scene, I recognized it as Rey completely giving up control. I think she gave the light side of the force complete control over her actions. It wasn’t her own combat prowess that defeated Kylo Ren, it was the force, specifically the light side of the force. This could explain why Kylo is still alive, given the nature of the light side. Another possibility is that the force only wanted him defeated, not dead.

I thought about this and eventually considered the possibility that I am wrong, so I forgot about it. But then came The Last Jedi. When Luke is giving Rey his first lesson, Luke imparts some fine wisdom to Rey. He tells her that the force doesn’t belong to any one person or group, and that the light side is not the Jedi. To say that without the Jedi religion, the light side doesn’t exist is foolish.

Then Rey sensed a source of the dark side. She says that it is calling her, so she started running towards it. When most people feel as if they are beginning to lose control over themselves, they fight against it. People will struggle to maintain independence, individuality, and control. But Luke says that she didn’t even try to resist it.

They say that it was luring her in with something she needed, or perhaps something she wanted. The bottom line is that when she senses the force, she just lets it in, and that makes her dangerous.


You may be thinking: “Well this isn’t KOTOR 2, that’s legends now.” This is true. But KOTOR 2 came about by critically studying Star Wars material. Including the movies, which are all canon. From the films alone you could determine that the force is a manipulative entity. I’ll also add that Disney are using elements of the former extended universe all the time. It as least seems as if they are exploring force bonds.

But the point is this. Rey is a strong force user who allows the force to do whatever it wants to her. I can’t say that she does whatever she’s told, since she isn’t being told to do anything. She allows complete domination over her very being.


The force wants it’s idea of balance and that balance includes perpetual war between light and dark. War among the stars. Star Wars. With Rey, the force can keep the current status quo easier than ever before. She is the perfect puppet.

I just took a video I made and turned it into an article. 60 days? Cut me some slack. This won’t be the last time I do this.

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