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Rhythm Game Weekly: Week of 10/27

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Hello everyone, and welcome to the first ever edition of Rhythm Game Weekly! In this series, I intend to aggregate the week’s news for rhythm games every Tuesday.


With Rock Band 4 and Guitar Hero Live just being released, I felt that such a weekly feature would be nice to have. I’ve been a fan of rhythm games for pretty much all of my life, I just can’t seem to get enough of these dang beatmatching games. Good news for me, though, as right now is an excellent time to be a rhythm game fan! Between the new releases of Rock Band 4 and Guitar Hero Live, the ongoing Rocksmith and Just Dance games and DLC, and games like the Project Diva series and Persona 4: Dancing All Night, there’s just so much to play!

Without further ado, let’s just get right to all the rhythm game news this week.

Rock Band 4

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The DLC songs for this week in Rock Band 4 are three singles from the 1980’s. They will each be available at $1.99 USD.

From the press release:

Rock Band 4 players can celebrate the 80s with these classic tracks, starting with Depeche Mode’s “People Are People,” the group’s first breakout single in the United States, release in 1984. INXS’s 1985 Billboard Hot 100 hit “What You Need” will also be added to the Rock Band Music Store. Finally, Naked Eyes’ popular 1980s take on the catchy “Always Something There To Remind Me” rounds out this week’s Music Store releases.

Also, Harmonix have given details regarding exporting Rock Band 3. All 83 songs will be exporting, and is planned to be available alongside the planned December 8th patch. It will cost $14.99 USD. To export, all you will need is to have owned Rock Band 3 before. Harmonix understands that there were many people who sold their last gen consoles and games (Rock Band 3 included), so they wanted to make sure that the export is available even to these people. While specifics aren’t known, it’s speculated that it will operate like how Rocksmith handled it’s cross-generational export: by checking for achievement/trophy data.


If you’ve not purchased Rock Band 3 before and still want to, you should do it soon. The game will be taken off of digital marketplaces on October 30th.

There is also a patch set for November 2nd that will add a couple features and bug fixes. Among these changes are:

  • Option of making custom characters as stand-ins
  • 5.1 surround crowd audio support and mic volume adjustment
  • Vocal overdrive function now deployable using touch pad on PS4
  • Fixed issue with streaming audio on PS4
  • Fixed some legacy instrument issues
  • Various bug fixes

Harmonix has been putting their main focus on getting all legacy DLC to work in Rock Band 4. They’ve managed to accomplish a lot since launch, but there’s still a number of issues and missing songs. This page highlights and tracks known issues. Previous disc exports are on the way, and will likely start coming after legacy DLC issues are solved.


For the most part, the regular DLC is working properly. The songs that have issues are ones that were obtained through the physical Track Packs, promotionals, or pack exclusives, and pulled songs. Xbox One players appear to have more working DLC than PS4 players. SCEE players in particular have the worst deal out of everyone, as SCEE is infamously slow in rolling out updates and DLC. They’ve barely updated Rock Band 4 content since launch.

Rocksmith 2014

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This week in Rocksmith 2014, prepare to be spooked with the Spooktacular Singles pack. Each song will be available at $2.99 USD and can also be bought as a pack for $9.99 USD. (Gameplay videos courteous of the always awesome Elison Cruz)

Persona 4: Dancing All Night

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While technically last week’s news, I started this series this week, so I’m gonna cover it! This is my article, dammit!

Persona 4: Dancing All Night added the much talked about “Heaven (ATOLS Remix)”, which features Hatsune Miku, for Western players, priced at $4.99 USD.


Also released is The Animation Set, which includes two new tracks that feature textless versions of the opening and ending for Persona 4 Golden: The Animation: “Next Chance to Move On” and “Dazzling Smile”. It is available for $1.99 USD.

Lastly, a few costume sets were released. The first one is the Nanako Set, which feature swimsuit, summer clothes, and detective outfits, is available for $3.99 USD. Also released are two pieces of free DLC, one which features the Feather Mask for all 8 main characters, and another which features the ski outfits for the same characters (minus Teddie).


Project Diva X

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We got some new details about the latest Project Diva game. A new feature in the game are “elements”. Each song will be given an element, based on the type of song it is. The elements are Neutral, Cute, Cool, Beauty, and Chaos. Each module and accessory belongs to an element, and playing a song while wearing an outfit that corresponds with the element will allow you to earn more Voltage Points.

Each module will also have “skills”. These skills will influence the game, each designed to help the player out. For example, the “Recover” skill will cover up mistakes you make while playing, the “Rate Up” skill will increase the rate you get Voltage Points, etc. The idea is that you can pick an outfit with a skillset that most benefits you, not unlike loadouts from other games.


Along with this news, 5 new songs were announced for the game.

“Ai no Uta” by LamazeP, performed by Hatsune Miku
- Module: Hatsune Miku V3 (designed by iXima)
- Element: Neutral


“Tsugihati Staccato” by Toa, performed by Hatsune Miku
- Module: Pizzicato (designed by Amemura)
- Element: Cute

“Lost One no Goukoku” by Neru, performed by Kagamine Rin
- Module: Astray (designed by 456)
- Element: Cool


“Nounai Kakumei Girl” by Maretu, performed by Hatsune Miku
- Module: Ambivalence (designed by Hoshima)
- Element: Beauty

“Mrs. Pumpkin no Kokkei na Yume” by Hachi, performed by Hatsune Miku
- Module: Pumpkin Dream (designed by Hachi)
- Element: Chaos


SuperBeat: Xonic

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Rounding up today is a new trailer for the PS Vita exclusive SuperBeat: Xonic, which is probably the only game on here that you’ve not heard of. It is the spiritual successor to DJMax, and is developed by the same people. This game will feature 45 songs with over 200 different patterns across three different difficulties. It will receive continued support after launch with DLC. It will also feature unlockable tracks from ARC System Work’s BlazBlue, Guilty Gear, and Magical Beat.

SuperBeat: Xonic is set to release November 10th in the US both digitally and physically.

That pretty much does it for this week. It doesn’t look like Guitar Hero Live or Just Dance 2016 had any news this week, which is a shame. If there’s anything I missed, any suggestions on future articles, or just want to share in your excitement for this news, please let me know in the comments!

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