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Rhythm Game Weekly: Week of 11/18

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Rhythm Game Weekly. Don’t you dare look back, and keep your eyes on these songs!

Rock Band 4


Once again, Rock Band 4 has a decade specific week with three radio hits from the 2010s, and another free* song! All songs (minus “Young Blood”) are available at $1.99 USD. Gameplay videos done by Spectre’s Rock Hero.

*“Young Blood” is only available bundled with “Sing”. Basically, when you buy “Sing” you’ll be getting two songs for the price of one. Pretty sweet!

From the announcement:

Released as the lead single from Ed Sheeran’s second album, x, “Sing” was co-written by Pharrell Williams and became Sheeran’s first number one single in the UK. Singer-songwriter Vance Joy’s “Riptide” is the longest-charting song in Australia’s ARIA Chart’s history. “Shut Up and Dance” by U.S. band Walk The Moon was released in 2014 and has sold over 4 million copies worldwide and hit number one on the Billboard Hot Rock Songs chart.

Additionally, buyers of “Sing” will receive a free track, “Young Blood” by Saint Raymond, bundled with it.

Being absent for 3 years, Rock Band has a lot of catching up to do in terms of music. The game barely has any hits that were released in the last five years, so you could say that this week is more than welcome.


First up, we have “Sing”. Guitar is definitely the best instrument in this song, but that’s only because both drums and bass are pretty terrible. Guitar is a lot of fast chords and doesn’t really change up the pattern. If you remember “Moves Like Jagger”, it has the same problem, only slightly better because the pattern is more fun to play. Drums and bass are sparse. The parts that you play are super easy, and there’s a lot of long breaks. This song would be a skip, if it weren’t for the vocals. Hot DAMN is this song great on vocals. The harmonies are super tight, the second verse is particularly fun to sing. Probably the best vocals song since Aerosmith.

Next, we’ll talk about “Young Blood”, since it’s bundled with “Sing”. This is the surprise of the week for me, as it’s pretty great on everything. The drums are really fun. It makes pretty good use of the toms, and the chorus has a pretty fun pattern. Guitar and bass aren’t particularly difficult, but they both are varied and are quite fun to play. This is probably the best bass song of the week, actually. Vocals aren’t anything special, the harmonies are mostly just the same pitch for all three singers (the worst kind of harmonies).


Next up is “Riptide”. Guitar is pretty much all fast chords, but the pattern is surprisingly fun to play. It’s really hard to keep a combo going, though. It’s pretty much what you’d expect from a ukelele chart. Drums were easy, but fun. There’s an abundance of toms, and I personally enjoy playing songs with a lot of toms. Bass is horrible, nothing but long sustains. Avoid this song if you’re a bass player. For vocals, this song is pretty easy. The harmonies don’t come in until the chorus, and they don’t get good until the second chorus. Not really a good song if you like to harmonize, but it’s a great solo song.

Finally, we have “Shut Up and Dance”. This song is, hands down, the best song of the week. Every instrument is great! This is the best guitar song this week. During the verses, there’s this really difficult riff that’s similar to “Dream Genie” but less insane. There’s two synth solos on this song too. Nothing crazy, but has some fun HOPOs. This is also the best drums song this week. It’s a driving beat with a lot of bass drum. It’s hard to describe, but it’s one of those songs that just feels great to play. Bass is solid too. Not on the level of guitar, but it’s varied and doesn’t get boring. This is also another great song for harmonies. The song starts out solo, but the harmonies come in during the first chorus and get progressively better as the song goes on. I consider this song to be a perfect Rock Band song, honestly. This is a must buy.


Pick of the week: “Shut Up and Dance”
What you should buy: Everything (buy “Sing” for “Young Blood”)

Guitar Hero Live


This week, three new premium shows are being added. They are as follows:

Rival Sons Live at YouTube Space L.A.

Lords of Metal

Pop Punk Perfection

And, once again, the premium show songs from last week are now available on demand. Also, the Black Veil Brides premium show has been removed, in favor of the new Rival Sons show.


Personally, I have a hard time calling Bullet for My Valentine or System of a Down “lords of metal”, but eh, semantics.

Rocksmith 2014


Get excited, everyone! It’s the return of Bachsmith! For those that don’t know, Bachsmith is a collection of songs from classical and romantic era composers, each getting a special arrangement done by in-house Ubisoft musicians. The first pack was understandably amazing, and it’s so cool to see it return. The songs can only be bought as a pack for $5.99 USD. Gameplay videos done by Elison Cruz.

Bachsmith II (all songs are in E Standard!):

  • Frédéric Chopin - “Funeral March” (gameplay)
  • Jacques Offenbach - “The Can-Can” (gameplay)
  • Ludwig van Beethoven - “Ode to Joy” (gameplay)
  • Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky - “Notecracker Medley” (gameplay)
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - “Symphony No. 40” (gameplay)

Project Diva X


Heeeey, look at that! More Project Diva news! This time it comes from Famitsu, and you can see scans here and here. For those that don’t read Japanese, I’ll give you a summary.

The Live Quest mode has 5 sections, each belonging to a different element (Neutral, Cute, Cool, Beauty, and Chaos). It’ll start in Neutral, and once you complete that it’ll unlock the next area. The DIVA room from the last two games will have a more prominent role in Project Diva X. It acts as a hub room for Live Quest mode, where the Vocaloids can interact with each other.


The part that you’re probably most interested in, though, is the songs. Good news, then, as four new songs were announced! The second scan shows the modules for each song. Elements are TBA.

And that wraps up the news for this week! I have no idea why these take so long to write every week, but they do! Ah well, enjoy the songs, I’m gonna go play “Shut Up and Dance” for the 10th time.


If you see that I missed something, have a suggestion for future articles, or just want to share in the excitement for the DLC, please leave your comments below! These roundups are every Wednesday evening, as that’s when I tend to get all of this written up.

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