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Rhythm Game Weekly: Week of 12/2

Just barely made it in time! I had even less time to write this this week. Stupid work, asking me to work extra hours. I have a series to update, dammit!

No fancy .gif this time, as I had about 30 minutes to write this. Keeping up with this is hard work.


Rock Band 4

Well, that was quick! This week, we’re getting 5 top ten hits, with Off the Charts 01. It’s the same songs as the GameStop Black Friday bundle, making that bundle exclusive for, like, four days. Pretty good, when compared to previous exclusives! Each song is available at $1.99 USD or as a pack for $8.49 USD. Gameplay videos done by Spectro’s Rock Hero.

Off the Charts 01

From the announcement:

Breaking the Top 10 on both Billboard’s Alternative and Hot Rock Songs charts, “Dreams” marks Beck’s first return to the Rock Band library since Rock Band 2. Evoking the glam heyday of bands like T.Rex, “Electric Love” is the lead single on BØRNS’ (aka Michigan’s Garrett Borns) debut album, Dopamine. Catfish And The Bottlemen released “Cocoon” on their certified gold 2014 debut album, The Balcony. Cold War Kids hit big with their 2015 single, “First” which hit number one on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart. “Renegades” by X Ambassadors topped multiple US charts, including Billboard’s Alternative Songs and Hot Rock Songs, as well as Canada’s Rock chart.

No review this week, due to lack of time. I will say, though, that this week was solid on guitar. I even had fun playing “First”, and that’s has no dots. My personal favorites were “Dreams” and “Electric Love”. “Renegade” also had a surprisingly difficult solo at the end.


I’d link OsagaTheGreat’s review for this week, but the guy hasn’t made a review at the time I wrote this. Slacker.

One last bit of news is that some more songs are going to be delisted at the end of December. They are:

  • BAP - “Verdamp Lang Her”
  • Caesars - “Jerk It Out”
  • KMFDM - “Sturm & Drang”
  • Little Fish - “Am I Crazy”
  • Picture Me Broken - “Dearest (I’m So Sorry)”
  • Veer Union - “Seasons”
  • Wir Sind Helden - “Nur Ein Wort”

Be sure to pick them up if you’re interested! My personal recommendations are “Jerk It Out” (oh, THAT song), “Sturm & Drang”, and “Nur Ein Wort”.


Guitar Hero Live


Two new premium shows are coming to Guitar Hero Live. They are:

Rock the Ages: The 90’s

  • Alice in Chains - “Them Bones”
  • Marcy Playground - “Sex and Candy”
  • The Offspring - “Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)“

Class of 2015

  • The Bots - “Blinded”
  • Nothing But Thieves - “Ban All Music”
  • Pulled Apart by Horses - “Hot Squash”

In addition, these songs are now available for on-demand:

  • Knife Party - “Centipede”
  • The Prodigy - “Nasty”
  • Rival Sons - “Electric Man” (Live)
  • Rival Sons - “Keep on Swinging” (Live)
  • Rival Sons - “Pressure and Time” (Live)
  • Zedd - “Stache”

Rocksmith 2014


This week, we’re getting a three pack by Christian rock band Skillet. They are available individually for $2.99 USD or as a pack for $7.99 USD. Gameplay videos done by Elison Cruz and jakeseattlex19.

Continuing with the Christian theme, Rocksmith 2014 is also adding two Christmas-themed songs from The Band of Merrymakers. They are available as singles for $2.99 USD.

  • Band of Merrymakers - “Joy to the World” (E Standard) (guitar, bass)
  • Band of Merrymakers - “Must Be Christmas” (E Standard) (guitar, bass)

Project Diva X


Release date for the Vita version is set! It’ll release on March 24th, 2016 in Japan. No word on international dates yet.

Also, as mentioned over in Kotaku main, the new trailer that was released along with the news is blocked in the US. Be sure to give YouTube your best middle fingers and watch it here instead!


And that wraps it up for this week’s news. Any suggestions for future articles? Did I miss something? Do you want to share your excitement? Leave a comment below!

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