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Robots Took Over Your Classic Nintendo Audio


Over the years, people have performed a countless number of covers from their favorite games, especially from the old Nintendo classics. This is something quite a bit different, though. The audio from the games is being "instrumentalized" - in real time.


A Youtube user, appropriately named "roboband," posted a video showing off a system he put together that took the audio output from his Nintendo systems basically transcribed it to make his various robot companions play the audio on multiple instruments. By doing this, not only does it play the music from the game, but it even picks up on the sound effects.

In the details of his video, he goes over what he did for his set-up:

"For those interested in the technical details, both the piano and the percussion use solenoids to drive their player mechanisms. The piano uses Yamaha's Disklavier system to strike keys, and the percussion uses a custom solution to strike the drum sticks. Both the piano and percussion are each controlled by Raspberry Pis which have custom software to control each instrument."

He does admit that there is a slight delay when it's viewed live, and he edited the delay out so it would make for a smoother video.

I have to say, the whole set-up ... it's pretty charming. Admittedly, it can get a bit warbled whenever he picks up coins or kills an enemy, but once you recognize the sound that the keyboard is recreating, even that is pretty adorable. Those sound effects in the Legend of Zelda had me smiling for a good hour.


Even for someone who isn't too knowledgeable in computer science, the Raspberry Pi is popping up all over my news radar recently. If it keeps being involved in things like this ... well, color me interested.

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