I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Rockmandash Reviews: Key Marathon

Like I said a few months ago, I’m starting up a Key Review Marathon: Reviewing all the main Key works. I’ll try for a bi-weekly schedule with this marathon, but that might be tricky due to the length of these.

EDIT: Yeah, couldn’t really finish it. Maybe I’ll give the rest a shot, but it’ll probably be like this for now.

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What I have done:

  1. Kanon
  2. Planetarian
  3. Rewrite [Original Review]
  4. Rewrite [Review+]
  5. Angel Beats [Anime]
  6. Clannad [VN & Anime]

Maybe in the future:

  • Little Busters - Need to play it .-.
  • Tomoyo After -Same...
  • Air - Sigh.
  • Kud Wafter - waiting for a translation
  • Rewrite Havest Festa! - waiting for a translation
  • Angel Beats VN - waiting for release & translation

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