I'm really feeling it!

Hey all, Kcet here, as you may know Rooster Teeth has a campaign up on indiegogo for their first film, Lazer Team.

Today is their last day with 5 hours left (go fund it if ya like them.)

Anyways allow me to bring your attention to a special perk they put up today that was a one off for 5$. It went up sometime around 6:50ish CT and disappeared mere seconds afterward. What was it you ask? A role in the movie, lunch with the cast and crew, a tour of the offices, a merch bundle, and a hug from Gus.


Many people in the aftermath of it in the comments said they got confirmations, and thus everyone was wondering who actually got it.

So in the madness of the event, IGG kinda broke under the pressure and according to Mr. Burnie Burns, 535 people ended up getting the perk. Being the awesome dudes and dudettes they are Burnie put this post up recently on his journal on Roosterteeth.com:

Basically they are going to work out something for everyone who got it to appear one of a few big scenes they have planned. How awesome are they to do that for everyone that got it?

TL:DR (or rather to the point) GUESS WHO WAS ONE OF THOSE 535?

:3 :3 :3 :3

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