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Ruminations of a Sci-Fi Lover

I have been a sci-fi fan for as long as I can remember. One of my first memories of watching a movie was watching Star Wars Episode IV with my dad in the living room. I must have been only 6 or 7 but I fell in love with it right away. The seemingly endless possibilities offered in a universe where interstellar travel and the Force existed had a profound impact on me. I loved being swept away to a world that seemed so different and magical.

Naturally, I watched Episode V and VI in short succession. The original Star Wars trilogy will always hold a place in my heart for opening the door to the limitless possibilities inherent in sci-fi. That is what I love most about science fiction. Science fiction movies and novels often tackle the same subjects as other genres such as love, war, tragedy, and more. What I believe separates science fiction is the ability to examine these issues in ways that would not be possible without the leeway offered by the science fiction setting.


Take one of my favorite books for example, The Unincorporated Man. (Yes I shamelessly modeled my username after this book, that is how much of an impact it had on me.) This book explores a future Earth and society where capitalism and corporatism have literally taken over society as a whole. Governments, parents, every single member of society is beholden to corporations and each other through an intricate system in which your life is valued in "shares" which other people and corporations buy and trade in a twisted variation of the stock exchanges of today. I could go on and on but I will save that for a potential review on another day. The science fiction setting allows the authors to look at a very significant and important issue of today, the inherent value of a human being, in a unique perspective that truly makes you question how best we as individuals can be served by society.

For me at least, the future setting inherent in science fiction allows me to look at these issues and perspectives offered by the writers and examine them with much less prejudice than if it was set in current day or stuck to more realistic settings. The endless possibilities of science fiction makes you appreciate the specific settings and characteristics the writers place in their story even more. With literally limitless options, there is much more weight and importance to what is ultimately presented to the reader/viewer. The disconnect between reality and science fiction allows controversial issues and topics to be discussed without forcing instant judgement or condemnation. A classic example of this can be found in Star Trek. In the original television show, one of the very first interracial kisses to be shown on television occurred between Captain Kirk and Uhura. This was in 1968! Definitely ahead of its time and pushing boundaries.

(Taken from neatorama.com)

Science fiction allows you to go anywhere and do anything. It is a freedom that I fell in love with as a child and still love to this day. Be it movies, books, television, etc., I find myself going back again and again to the science fiction genre and am rarely disappointed.


*Star Wars picture taken from Lucasfilm.com*

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