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Rumor Mill Rages Regarding Red Dead Redemption

The rumor mill is raging this morning around the prospect of a Red Dead Redemption 2 / Red Dead Redemption Remastered announcement at Sony’s upcoming event.

Based on various unsubstantiated rumors, Rockstar is planning to unveil Red Dead Redemption 2 alongside Sony’s PS4K Neo. In fact, if you’ve gotten on Twitter this morning, you’ve likely seen multiple posts suggesting that Rockstar will actually unveil a Red Dead Redemption Remastered at Sony’s event — and you can expect these unsubstantiated posts to continue.


I want to believe. When it comes to Red Dead Redemption, we all want to believe. But is an upcoming release of either Red Dead Redemption Remastered or Red Dead Redemption 2 likely?

It seems reasonable that Rockstar will unveil Red Dead Redemption 2 soon — and Sony’s upcoming event seems like a fitting time. We have reason to believe that Red Dead Redemption 2 is, by and large, finished, and many were shocked that the game wasn’t unveiled at this year’s E3. Is Rockstar planning a surprise announcement to take this Fall gaming season by storm? I think so.

As for a Red Dead Redemption Remastered, fans shouldn’t hold their breath. If Rockstar was planning on releasing a remastered version of last-gen’s greatest open-world western, they would have done it already. There is little sense in announcing a remastered version of the original Red Dead Redemption, unless RDR 2 is a Fall 2017 title. Rockstar is too smart and too careful with their IP.


The next few days will shed light on whether or not these rumors are founded — but I think a Red Dead Redemption 2 announcement is impending.


What do you think? Do you expect to see the announcement of RDR Remastered or RDR 2 at Sony’s upcoming event? Or do you think this is just yet another case of unfounded RDR rumors? Let me know in the comments, on Facebook, and @Shasdam.


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