I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Run Club: Go

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Run Club Starts Today!!!

This week is an optional calibration week. All rules apply but heroes cannot purchase from the shop yet so your skill set is limited. I want to use this time to see how balanced the game is. I may alter things in the shop on the fly as we go through the week depending on how easy/hard things are going.


To Team 5: Sir Songsalot is a real person, they’re just going to act like an NPC (they’ve not really gotten involved with this community) so don’t worry that you’re down a player, you’re not! You can get ahold of them through me so yes, that part might be a little inconvenient but I’m always around on Skype.


1 mile running = 1 point (AlmightyDuke you shouldn’t have 35 points already unless you are the terminator) All Other Exercises 12 minutes = 1 point. This must be EXERCISE - Don’t count your walk to/from class. (Count stuff above and beyond your normal routine)

That means you should have a pretty good grasp on the rules. You should understand how your class works and how to use the spreadsheet. If you’re unclear, contact me here, on skype, or via my contayct page.


Team 1

  1. RerTV (Warrior)
  2. AlmightyDuke (Bard)
  3. PyramidHeadCrab (Mage)
  4. TimeHacker (Healer)

Team 2

  1. SupremeEvan (Warrior)
  2. StygianKnight (Bard)
  3. Barkspawn (Mage)
  4. Novibear (Healer)

Team 3

  1. DeadEcho (Warrior)
  2. Unimplied (Bard)
  3. Quiddity (Mage)
  4. Datacide (Healer)

Team 4

  1. Stormborn (Warrior)
  2. Aikage (Bard)
  3. I_Kluge (Mage)
  4. Walfisch (Healer)

Team 5

  1. Ravenwest (Warrior)
  2. Mr.Songsalot (Bard)
  3. Sylverfyst (Mage)
  4. JpSr388 (Healer)

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