I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!



What is it? A way to get in shape by running and gaining points to use on power ups and then I just leave at the end and never announce the winner (cough team plusle) because I am a sore loser.

How Long is it? Just 8 weeks to a killer beach bod, or something.

What do I have to do? If you’re at all interested, just leave a message here saying you want to play. Go here and read up for rules and power ups and what not, to get a general idea. I may or may not use that same formula depending on how much effort I really want to put into this/how many people sign up. I might just redo and have it more PvE, which is my preferred way of playing things anyway. PvP always makes me a sore loser. Teams. pfffft who needs em. Wait no, I mean, I AM A GREAT TEAMMATE.


So RUNNING? I haven’t really decided whether to go back to “EXERCISE CLUB” or stick to strictly distance based things like running/walking/sexting. TBD I guess.

I’m going to be running. I Kluge may be running. Mordor isn’t safe. DamsonRhee probably won’t be running. But maybe. Astrokid probably out this time too. Also I doubt Odin is going to make an appearance. BUT MAYBE.


The Who is Who of Run Club

  • I Kluge
  • Sylverfyst
  • SuEvan
  • Aikage
  • Quididdidty
  • Stygian the bovine whisperer
  • Solid Stormborn
  • A Bear In The Woods
  • Almighty Wind Duke
  • Bark, “do you have a girl back home?” spawn
  • Where’s walfisch?
  • The senior Jp
  • North by Ravenwest

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