I'm really feeling it!

First off, huge thanks to Kaploy9 for the achievement stickers. These are awesome.

Secondly, if you are truly interested in being a part of TAY Run Club, leave your name below.


***Please keep in mind this is an 8 week commitment, maybe more. Try to think eight weeks into the future - any conflicts? If so, let me know and I'll try to work around it or try to bank enough points for an opt out power up***

If you're up for it welcome aboard! To a thank you to all early adopters this week - points can be banked! Points are earned at half speed and a maximum of six points can be banked (don't want someone going nuts on this :D)

For this week only, just keep track of all your points yourself and I'll get a spreadsheet up on google docs or something once I know who all is going to play, where you can enter in your points.

Also a note on points as there was some confusion and some amendments to the original game plan.

  1. Tag is still going to be RUN CLUB
  2. Any exercise is welcome. Just use time instead of distance. If you can come up with some conversion - ie. my cross country coach used to say that 3 miles on a bike was equivalent to 1 mile of running - then I can accept that. The more the merrier so whatever you wanna do is fine, just wanna make sure that we all earn points roughly at the same rate.
  3. Points are earned EITHER via time OR distance. Not for both. 10 minutes on a treadmill where you run one mile = 1 point, not 2.
  4. Since no one is going to run in exactly 1 mile increments, standard rounding rules apply. If you run X.49 miles or below, round down. If you run X.50 miles or above, round up. (ex. Luigi runs 100.35 miles. He rounds down to 100 miles. He decides to push himself to run 100.5 miles. Now he can say 101 miles.)
  5. This week only points are earned at half rate and can be banked. No power ups can be used this week. Maximum points that can be banked is 6. As the points are earned half speed this week you may end with a decimal. Round up on Saturday night as long as it doesn't put you over 6 points.

That's all I got for now. Hopefully we can have some fun with this, I'm thinking if enough people sign up then I might split the group into 2 and we can have two competing teams (TAYvillains vs. TAY lightbrigade) race to finish level 8. So if you want to indicate which team you'd like to be on when you sign up that would be helpful as well.

And again, thanks to Kaploy! If anyone wants to give the power ups a shot, that'd be great too.


Rules are here.


Point entry form is here.

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