I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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So the first monster has been killed! I award a 1 million gold bonus to the team that beat it! What? It was my team and that would not be fair? PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT fine.

So a couple of housekeeping things first.

  • If your name is SylverFyst - Are you still planning on playing?
  • If your name is PHC - Can your team get ahold of you?
  • Everyone bookmark THIS PAGE. It has the Store, which you’ll need soon. It has a link tot he Spreadsheet, which you need daily. It has Information on how to play your classes, which if you haven’t been paying attention, you may need.
  • Try to check in on Skype with your team every few days. You don’t have to be daily, but it really helps your team if they know you exist. If you have an easier method to get in contact with you let them know.
  • Do you know anyone who may be interested in subbing for Sylverfyst? He’s a mage which is one of the more difficult to understand characters :(

Now for the exciting part: CHANGELOG!!!! WHEEEEE

You’ve killed your monster, now what?

  • Healers - if available, you may purchase and learn new spells at this time
  • Every point you place in the spreadsheet on your team’s sheet after slaying the monster is 1/8th of 1 gold for your team. IE. 8 points = 1 gold for your whole team. (Cannot be the same day, only count gold points starting the day after the monster dies).
  • Introducing: The Merc Board! You can sell your services to other teams. Any points you gain are added to the other teams same class on the appropriate day. Keep in mind you’re selling your services as your current class. You cannot put points in the warrior column if you’re a bard. Set your own prices! More information is available via Ye Olde Information Center (Which you’ve all bookmarked, right?)

Other changes

  • The Shop is opening Soon! On this upcoming Sunday Skype me your orders! First come first serve. The shop never closes but there may start to be incentives (read: Sales, limited time available items) for shopping on particular days (read: days I’m not busy) I’ve got to put the Bard Songs and Skills in still but other classes are done and can be viewed. Get your orders ready!
  • If you are the first to kill a monster, you get 20% gold, you also enrage your enemies. The next week your enemy has 20% more HP as well! This is stackable, in that if you STILL come out on top the next week it has 40% more HP. This is to try to keep the gold flowing to all, not just one team from week to week. This penalty does not apply to 2nd or 3rd place teams.
  • Your team rests at an Inn on Saturday night. All HP and status ailments (Death) are cured. If you have a dead teammate at the end of the week you receive 50% of the standard monster gold even if you killed the monster.
  • If you have a dead teammate you must heal him before the monster can be considered defeated.






Bookmark it. You’re going to need it!

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