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Running Away

This post is made up of: 99% cheating, 1% information, 100% self-indulgent. Perfect.

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So by the time this goes up, we’ll be within the last 2 weeks of the SixTAY Days Writing Challenge! Wow! Unfortunately, I’ll be in the middle of a road trip across Canada with only my mobile and Switch keeping me entertained (and I guess my fellow road trip mates?). So....I have no idea how I’m going to get my posts up properly, especially when it seems Kinja is giving some of our fellow SixTAYers trouble. Who knows what it’ll be like for me, on my smart phone, with spotty wifi?! I should also comment that Kinja doesn’t seem to like working on my smart phone very well - I can’t seem to open up a “reply” box 90% of the time, so I probably won’t be able to leave any comments or rebuttals to anything. Yikes. Guess I’ll just keep using the star button to acknowledge people’s responses-if I can get any posts up in the first place (yes I am aware the star button is to “recommend” a post, but it’s the internet and acknowledging folks through stars isn’t going to hurt anyone).


Side note: Picky! You were on a road trip while also writing SixTAY stuff; how’d you do it?!

However, it should go without saying that my issues with this challenge pale in comparison to, well, everyone else. Some people are getting married, others are having the aforementioned Kinja issues, etc. Truth be told, I’m also getting a bit exhausted as this challenge is coming to an end, I still have a few ideas for posts, which I’ve conveniently made into drafts on Kinja, but it’s getting tough and some of those ideas are a bit dodgy! However, I still don’t believe there’s ever a “bad” post though, unless it’s intended to be a shit-post by the author, then it is a bad post on purpose. I wonder which side I decided to fall on for this post...

Good luck everyone!

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