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Rurouni Kenshin 2014 sequels release dates CONFIRMED!!

Left to right: Hoji, Iwanbo, Usui (Bishop from Kamen Rider Kiva!), Henya, Fuji (Not a giant), Shishio, Katamari, Saizuchi (Gentle from Kyoryuger!), Anji, Cho (Ankh from Kamen Rider OOO!!), Sojiro. The live-action Juppongatana.

And said dates are very close to each other!!

Great Kyoto Fire's out 8/1/2014 while End of a Legend's out on 9/13/2014! Both movies are based on the Kyoto arc of the franchise!!


I could calculate that the home video dates for the double sequels could be right around December 2014 and/or January 2015 based off the 3-month wait of the original movie's theatrical release to the dvd release.

That said, this is bound to be freshly awesomesauce!!

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