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I'm really feeling it!

Sadness Returns As Wii U Exclusive

When you think this day couldn't possibly be any weirder, here comes a Nintendo Life exclusive bombshell.

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You may or may not remember this Wii exclusive that turned into vapourware. Or so everyone tough, because now it really is getting made by HullBreach Studios and Cthulhi Games. Some reassuring words from the producers:

We are confirming both of your studios are actively working to bring this back? Forgive the scepticism, but this is a project that's had many false dawns.

Jeremy Kleve: Yes, without a doubt.

Randy Freer: There are a few gameplay concepts we are working hard to hammer out quickly on the new project, once we have those nailed down, we can then accurately complete our concept submission forms Nintendo requires before development, and at that point we will acquire a product code (WUP) officially verifying the game for development. This won't become the fiasco everybody remembers from years before!

Jeremy Kleve: Looking ahead, as we move forward, one thing is for sure: you can expect Sadness-related revelations at Indie Sanctum 2014 this October!

Randy Freer: Indeed! We will probably update the public on our adventure to bring the IP back to life on Nintendo Wii U via our Twitter now that the cat's out of the bag! So please feel free to scream your Sadness support there as the world watches!


No, it really isn't April 1st, I checked the calendar.

*OMAKE* The original trailer should you need a memory refresh.

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