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Sale Alert

Just in case anyone doesn't have Uncharted 2 and lives in Canada (might be in U.S. as well), Wal-Mart has it on for $15. That's a steal for such a fine game.

I didn't actually own it since a buddy of mine always loans me all the PS3 games he buys, but I generally pick up all the ones I want to replay (or collect) if they don't show up on PS+. This is for the non-GotY version. Likely the reason why it was $15, but the GotY version only gets you multiplayer stuff.


Just a heads-up for those who don't have it or are just moving to a PS3.

They also had Lollipop Chainsaw for $19 for either PS3 or 360, but I've seen it those prices elsewhere. I picked that up as well.

Anyone else spy some good sales anywhere today?

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