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Sale-in with Cap'n GBD: Top o' the List!

Avast ye scurvy gamers. It been too long since my last voyage. Today's haul consist of only one piece of booty, but what a piece it be!

Guh. I can't keep that pirate talk going. So here's the deal, I've been on the look out for a nice looking NES Top-loader for the last couple of months. They usually go for about $90 to $100, but I'm a cheapskate and don't want to spend that.


Why do I want one? Well, for two reasons. One: My current normal NES is not reliable. At all. It works maybe 10% of the time. Two: I'm a collector! I just need it in my possession so I can fiddle with it and look at it.

So when I saw this dirty beauty for $65 at a local used gaming shop, I just couldn't resist.


One good cleaning later (thanks Mr. Nasty Toothbrush!) and it was ready to go.


I would say this one plays games 80% of the time. Leading me to the realization that quite a few of my games need a good scrubbing as well. Better go break out the Q-tips.

Until next time, scurvy dogs. Cap'n GBD is off to find more precious gamer booty.

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