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Sally and the ____

Yes, I'm currently bored enough to type out another one of those surreal stories of mine*. . . . . ok, maybe labeling it as "surreal" is a stretch, but still. I was gonna do that, but figured I should let you all in on the game to. I will write the beginning of an original story, and you guys type up a small paragraph that contains the next part of the story, and the next person replies, and all that. I know, I know "But that involves work, TUT", but there's nothing else to do, right? So why not just have some mindless fun here on TAY? :P Besides, I'm sorta curious to see how this develops. . . . . .

*I really just say random bullshit that pops into my head, and try to string it together. . . . Somehow. Nothing fancy or anything, just something to do when bored.


Sally was driving home after her long day at work. It was already 7:34 pm, and the skies were still colored with an orange glow, which seemed to be caused by the local forest fires. They had been featured in the news nonstop for the past week, and the firefighters couldn't seem to control the spread of the inferno. Soon, it would reach the residential areas, and from the look of it, people where already beginning to evacuate, judging by the amount of families with home possessions in the nearby lanes. Sally merged into the next lane, and after driving for about three miles, ran into a traffic halt. People were beginning to get out of their cars to see what was going on ahead. Sally herself couldn't see it, but the glow from the sirens suggested something big was happening.

"Ma'am, we're urging civilians to step out of their vehicles, and continue on foot"

Sally never saw the police officer arrive at her car window, nor could she locate any other officers nearby. Just the glow of the sirens several meters away.

"Uh, w-why is that?" It really made no sense, if the fires were drawing near, wouldn't it be easier to continue onto the nearest exit and turn around?


"We've been informed there are high levels of electromagnetic interference, and it could interfere with vehicles and cause serious damage" high levels of electromagnetic interference? Suddenly, and explosion sprung out from the cars ahead. A small cloud of black smoke rose from the area, and people began running away, gunshots were heard, and Sally had no idea of what to do. She turned to face the police officer, but he was gone. The gunfire grew louder, and people were screaming. Suddenly, Sally turned on her car again, and turned it around. She hit the pedal hard, and accelerated furiously upon seeing them in the rear view window. . . . . . .

Alright! SO . . . . . What happens next? O.o RULES:

-Please, try to be original, but don't go all out. It's just for fun, you know? :P


-Keep it clean, guys :P This isn't Deviantart or whatever.

- Don't write too much, since we sorta want to let others join too, alright?

-Reply to the first person to comment's story, and go on from there. . . . . Yea, that might not work. Just label what section of the story you're throwing in here. So for reference, mine's the intro, and the next one should be *PART 1*

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