Hello TAY/Ani-TAY peeps. Salvador here with my first anime write up in forever! Figured I’d share what I’ve seen so far of the new summer season and give you my impressions. I’ve mostly gone to Crunchyroll to see what episodes are new and referenced the good ole Anichart as well without doing much reading up on what the show is actually about.

Let’s see how that turned out shall we?


I know already that I like this show. Fantasy realm invades the real world and begins to slaughter the masses. The main character only pulled off helping so many people and giving the Fantasy realm the backhand it deserves because he wanted to buy doujinshi. That’s a man with his priorities STRAIGHT.

Animation wise it’s not bad and it has some decent action so while I don’t expect a super deep plot, I don’t think I will tire too much of seeing dragons get torn up by attack helicopters.

Right now the only way it could get better is if a troop of hobbits gets mowed down by machine gun fire.



Rokka -Braves of the Six Flowers-

IT HAS A BUNNY GIRL THAT KICKS ASS. SHE’S LIKE FRAN! Oh, and the show is pretty too. The action didn’t feel completely fleshed out (too many cuts) but still didn’t detract a whole bunch from the interesting premise and backstory.

Overall the episode was good but it definitely was about setting the backstory and world building moreso than anything else which I am fine with. But you can already see that it isn’t just gonna be a complete lighthearted romp through the land to defeat big bad demon which is what I’m looking for. Let’s hope the other four flowers don’t disappoint as well as their adventure.




At first sight I thought this was gonna be some dinky slice of high school life show but set in space. GLAD I WAS WRONG.

The kids in the class act just like high schoolers, minus the fact they are part of a super advanced R&D team run by a mega corporation on Mars. Their new transfer student is not only their boss but is going to downsize their department! And he’s an asshole too! Conflict you say? PLEASE YES.

I always enjoy things that are juxtaposed with subjects way out of the norm (Girls Und Panzer) and this show just has all the bells and whistles for me. Just the first few minutes when they were discussing the hostage situation while one of the girls was preparing for school had me immediately pulled in. So far this has definitely been the highlight of the summer for me.



Ushio and Tora

The Ninetales Fox Spirit in his hair metal days joins up with Wrath from Fullmetal Alchemist to fight demons cause 80’s Fox couldn’t shower and his dank smell attracts them.

While I enjoyed the relative stupid fun of this show, I can’t say for sure if it will hold up week in and week out if it’s just a “Demon of the Week” formula. Tropes aside the show does have lots of character and maybe they’ll be able to capitalize on that as to not burn out quickly.

But seriously, if someone hasn’t made an AMV of this yet with 80’s hair metal already we will a metric ton of them by the shows end.



Aoharu x Machinegun

This is one that I’m not completely sold on the premise yet. The main character picking fights and being confused as a boy is interesting, her friend is cute/annoying, but her host neighbor just does nothing for me. Being a showoff during their fight did nothing really to help him win me over either. I’m just waiting for him to start slowly growing a crush for Hotaru and being confused until he finally realizes she’s a girl and then it becomes Ouran Host Club with guns.

Speaking of guns, I can tell if you are a bit of a gun person that this will be somewhat of a gun porn thing for you, minus the bullets and being real guns. Personally I’m not into guns but I do appreciate them at least trying to keep it somewhat legit.

The one saving grace is as a FPS guy the thought processes and combat strategy going on during the battle was absolutely fascinating. If they keep that kind of commentary going on then I can see myself watching the series till the end.



Snow White with the Red Hair

This being a Shoe-Joe anime means I am not it’s target audience but who cares? Looking at Anichart I saw this listed and figured “What the hell ,what’s another Snow White adaption gonna hurt?”

Watching this has been a pleasant surprise. The color palette is really bright which I like and Shirayuki is not just a damsel in distress and useless without her male hero. She is a well respected herbalist and pretty humble as well which I really like. But when dopey prince of her kingdom wants her for his concubine, she finishes up her outstanding prescriptions, cuts her hair, and peaces out of idiot Prince’s kingdom.

In just those few minutes I already like our heroine. I am a sucker for strong heroines and female leads and Shirayuki has already won me over. She also gets +5 for her short hair so that helps.

The rest of the episode was solid as well if rather cliche. Obvious love interest is obvious and her partnering with him is of course gonna lead up to kissy kissy time. SPOILERS MY BAD! Either way, it’s gonna be a nice anime for me to fulfill my cute quota.


Well that’s it for now. Look out for part 2 sometime in the future when I decide to sit down and actually watch so more anime. Now if you excuse me, I have to find my PS2 component cable so I can get around to playing RE4...


Salvador is one of your resident TAY Xbros and occasionally writes about things when he isn’t lurking in the TAY IRC, playing games, or pretending to work (sometimes all three at once). He also runs the Twitter for his local anime convention, A.A.R.C., because he was the only one with a Twitter account.