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Sandboxr/Microsoft Launch Custom 3D Printed Spartan Service Today

So after waiting eagerly for more information about this, today is finally the day! Halo 5 offers a TON of cosmetic unlockables an each and every one will be available to 3D print into a physical statue.

Here’s what you have to do to start the process:

1) Head to Halo Waypoint and login.

2) Head to “profile” then “customize spartan”.

3) Here in the “customize spartan” menu choose whatever armor and colors you want.


4) You’ll notice a boxy logo in the top right corner which reads: “3D Print”.

From here, the company which provides the service, Sandboxr, will provide you some nice options as far as scale/poses/custom text on the base. You don’t need to unlock the game poses either, just the armors and visor colors.

Here are some pics that show you the pricing and other customization options:


Recently I finished the Halo 1-4 campaigns on Legendary to obtain the Helioskrill armor so I thought it would be cool to make a statue out of that one with the Master Chief color scheme to mark the occasion. I chose the magnum wielding pose because I relied so much on the newb combo (plasma+headshot weapons) to make it through. I’ll post my impressions and some pics when it arrives.


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