027 - Sandshrew

The Mouse Pokemon

Ground Type

Sandshrew is a pokemon who I've always fancied. Always thought he was cute, and his evolution is badass, so there was that too.

My inspiration for this piece was truly making it a shrew. Sandshrew is listed as the "mouse" Pokemon, which is rather odd because clearly shrew is in its name. However, the real creature it is based off of is the Pangolin. The mouse typing its labeled as is one that it shares with Rattata and Raticate, and I changed that up for my interpretation. I found Shrews of varying sizes during my investigation for references and sought to make my rendition rather round in shape, a little like Pikachu but even more compact.


This is because Sandshrew is known for rolling up into a ball for defensive purposes. This illustration depicts a startled Sandshrew and then showcases what it would look like. I decided to add itty bitty spikes to the end of his scales for defensive purposes, it looked nice aesthetically, and also gives a little bit of a hint as to what it might look like when it evolves. Also, it gives him some traction when rolling over various terrain. Yep, I think that far ahead for some of these designs.

My take is that of a shrew x pangolin x hedgehog x armadillo. Basically its a little furry thing in a little suit of armor!


Overall, I'm really happy with this design and I hope you enjoy it too! Be sure to share the project around and look forward to tomorrow's artwork.




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