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You find a phone. You aren’t entirely sure where you found it, or what compelled you to pick it up, but you have it now.


You attempt to unlock it, but the phone is damaged. Physically it looks fine with nary a scratch or scuff, but a warning flashes up alerting you that the device needs to reconfigure itself before you can access it.

Why not? Maybe you can garner some information from it. You click yes, and watch in patience as the phone fixes itself - Restoring Homescreen. Restoring IRIS. Restoring messages...

In surprise; or perhaps in shocked horror, you drop the phone. Partway through the restoring process, the phone experienced an error and the process halted. Except no, that wasn’t an error... It was an image of some sort. A video depicting three... things. And that screech. You get the briefest impression that something doesn’t want you accessing this phone.

And that’s when you receive a notification. In the middle of deep thought, you could have missed it, but the notification was unusual. Accusatory.


The phone is talking to you.

Was it a message?

You couldn’t tell. It certainly looked like a message from the pop-up notification that showed up. You recall that it mentioned the word IRIS, the only restored home-screen icon that the phone could recover before the device screeched in your hand and came to a grinding halt.


“You don’t appear to be Sara.”

You endeavour to open the IRIS app, and that’s where it all begins...

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