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Welcome TAY to another weird one off where I am gonna tell you things you may or may not care about. I am currently at work and Saturdays usually have a low call volume so here I am killing time since I don’t have any work training to do. Let’s just start with me sharing what I have been playing or watching. Oh and also there may be a bit of spoilers for the games below but not the MOBAS which I grouped together.

Stuff played:

Super Mario Odyssee, Nights of Azure 2, Hue, Sonic Forces, War Frame, and Crush Crush.
MOBAS: Killing floor 2, SMITE, League of Legends, and Battlerite


Funny thing is I actually dropped Super Mario Odyssee for Nights of Azure 2. Now before you stab me in the neck for such blasphemy allow me to explain. Growing up I wasn’t a Nintendo Kid. It was Sega, then Playstation then Nintendo 64 happened as my introduction to the OG big 3. I am not fond of Mario as much as others. Also I just don’t feel like it is as good as Galaxy 1 and 2, but I just made it to New Donk City, and I am sure the game only gets better with the possession gimmick and staging.

Now about Night of Azure 2... Its an anime game and before you judge me yes it does star cute girls and sexy girls but this one has like some weird stop the new demon lord who is the Moon Queen for this plot going on and you are actually joined by the previous protagonist who became the Nightlord. It also is like a Yuri Harem for the main Character Aluche. Who is the New half Demon who actually gets killed as a human in your first boss encounter with the Moon Queen.

Then resurrected as a half demon by Hot Scientist Waifu Camillia and she as cool and she shoots stuff. The thing is how she saved her or made her a half demon was with the Blood of Arnice the first game’s protagonist who became the Nightlord. While Also trying to protect her Number 1 childhood friend Liliana the Maiden of Time. Who is probably gonna prayer hands so hard the world will fix itself. They are also accompanied by Big boobed blond with drill hair who is a true warrior of Justice and always picks a fight. A Chocolatier Imouto who beats fiends with a Mace. Another half demon friend who has no emotions but fights like VOLDO FROM SOUL CALIBUR AND HAS POWERS LIKE NIGHT CRAWLER!? I haven’t even talked about their reformed captain that went full demon and just lets one feathered titty just hang out.

You see that stream of nonsense above that’s why I love those JRPGS and anime type games. Shit I don’t think I ever got my article For Blue Reflection out which is like a Magical Girl, High School, Anime Simulation JRPG. I will try to get to that later though.


Now for the other games Hue is a cute puzzle platformer I got a few months back via PS+ I don’t quite understand the story but The world lost color. You who play as Hue are trying to save a lady who is leaving you letters by traversing the world and restoring color or hues to the world. You can change the background to match the Hue of an obstacle and it will not exeist until you change it other wise. Its pretty neat when you get two or more colors one point in the game had me jumping platroms and changing colors mid air to make other s appear. Luckily time slows down when swapping hues. I got Up to the Fifth color Fuschia and I hope to continue the game soon.


Sonic Forces... Its not bad. I like it made Bear dude. Yeah you can play other peoples avatars too. Also you get a weapon. So far of all the weapons I have tried my Favorite is the Meteorite Wispon where you shoot block clones of yourself at enemies and the power is literally invincibility frames. The modern Sonic Levels are pretty nice really like the speed at which you can burn through some of them. Classic sonic Feels pretty good too. I am 18 stages in and I don’t see what everyone is hating on it for. It was never gonna be Sonic Mania quit comparing it to Sonic Mania 3D or Sonic Adventure 3!


So War Frame actually has a story. It’s kind of cool now that I started digging in to it and not just grinding my gear for EXP. I got to a big point in the game that I won’t spoil for others who Are interested but if you wish You could look up The second Dream as that is the story Quest I just finished up.

Also I beat Crush Crush... I need help. I was gonna do an article on that too with my opinion on who the best girl is. #Bearverly 4 life


Lastly are the mobas. League of legends just did a major shake up as they do every year at the beginning of the new competitive season beginning next year. It was in regards to the Runes and Mastery systems Long story short Runes which were like pre boosted stats you set before a match are completely gone. So no more wondering why you are losing to someone who is also level 1 because they secretly had a rune page filled with nothing but ATTACK runes. Masteries got reworked as well I am still trying to learn them.

BattleRite went free to play so I am just getting back in to it from a free weekend they did earlier this year. Its Like League of legends and smite but just Team deathmatch. no towers or cores or minions.


SMITE is more of the same Odyssee event is still ongoing, and they brought back their PVE mode.

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