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Hi all, welcome to the final part of my special edition of Saturday (Err Thursday) Morning Cartoons on the first three seasons of Digimon. I've been watching the whole season each week to see if the show held up to the lofty expectations that I've had from nostalgia. You can check out the other two here and here. Full disclaimer though, I DID NOT MAKE IT. I like the series, a lot, but I couldn't do it this week, 51 episodes for a third week was too much, I'll probably continue to watch the season at a slower pace for a while, but I burned out on marathoning Digimon. Feel free to give me crap about it in the comments, but I just couldn't do it!


I made it as far as episode 10, but every time I started watching I couldn't go further than an episode or two at a time T.T This season is so very much more depressing than the other seasons and the issues the characters deal with are much more pronounced. Rika in particular and her issues with self-confidence and doubt masked by her uncontrollable desire to gain strength was a particularly interesting story beat. Her problems stem from issues with her mother and previous trauma in her life. Cool stuff particularly the episode with IceDevimon.

I do remember some of the stuff further on the series with Jerri and her creepy as hell puppet dog. Beezlemon and when they reach the digital world. I in particular remember Takato's friends joining them as Tamers as well. The show had some really cool stuff going on, but Jerri's arc was one of the most disturbing things I've seen in a kid's show. Not to mention she was creepy right from the beginning, who carries around a puppet in middle school?

One of my favorite concepts that this show goes through in the early episodes is that the tamers do not get along all that well and certainly don't form an alliance quickly. The discord within the group allows the viewer to get a good handle on what makes each character tick very quickly. Rika is probably my favorite Tamer as far as the early episodes go. Takato is a bit too much of a whiny kid for me to enjoy him thus far. Henry, while cool hasn't gotten a ton of development yet, but I remember enjoying his relationship with Terriermon greatly.


Guilmon is also a pretty cool Digimon seeing as he was created completely by Takato. Most of the humor in the early going of the season comes from Guilmon and Takato's relationship although Guilmon's voice really gets on my nerves early on. I guess I can give it a pass because he is actually learning the language as he's growing, which is something we've not seen from a Digimon thus far. Guilmon has one of the cooler designs in the series, and what I noticed right off the bat is that outside of Wargreymon and Stingmon, this season has the best looking Digimon yet. Renamon has a really neat design and Terriermon is the cutest thing ever. Not to mention Beezlemon or any of the later Digimon in the series. The only let down that I could see in terms of design was Impmon who was terrible looking. Although he had one of the better voice actors for his part and one of the better emotional arcs of the season.


The best character in the show is by far and away Terriermon though. I will not take arguments here, Terriermon wins.

Next week we go back to the original format of Saturday (Err Thursday) Morning Cartoons, it will be on time (I promise) and we'll be watching something that is other than Digimon. We'll be watching MIB: The Series, because why not?


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