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Saturday (Err Thursday) Morning Cartoons

Welcome to the third installment of Saturday (errr Thursday) Morning Cartoons. The article series where I watch shows that I watched as a kid to see if they hold up to the nostalgia that I remember for them. The last two weeks have been pleasant I've watched shows that I watched when I was a kid and they were just as good as I remember them, in fact I actually picked up on things that I didn't when I was a kid, it was nice. This week we'll be watching Ozzy & Drix, which is a change in pace because I remember almost nothing about the show other than that I liked it as a kid, so this will be a little risky I guess. I remember thoroughly enjoying the movie, though. But, I'm a little on the skeptical side on this one and hope I'm proven wrong. On to episode 1. Soooo I've made a terrible mistake. I'm 5 minutes into the episode and I want to go back in time and slap 10 year old me for even watching this thing. I could have been watching something much better. Well I guess I have to watch to see if it gets better down the way.


looks like a fan drawing, right? nope it's from the title sequence

So within the first half of the episode the setting of the show moves from the body of Frank, Bill Murray's character in the movie to the new character Hector, who has a few lines through out the episode, but is the most bland thing ever created, I guess it's so that the young people watching the show can project themselves into his character, but wow. The show is just kind of boring, the stakes seemed genuinely high throughout the original movie that the show is based on, but here it's not even something the audience can care about, Oh no, Hector has a fever! He needs to get better so he can go to a party, with girls! So we're not off to a very good start. Let's move on from plot and look at some of the other aspects that make up the show. The animation inside the bodies in Ozzy & Drix is great, but as soon as they get outside of it….damn it sucks, it's bland and brownish and just kind of makes you wonder why they spent time animating it. I think that some of the stock shots are actually being reused from the movie, which I guess is a good idea, but it highlights the glaring difference between the good animation of the movie and the totally awful show animation. The music, it's awful pulled right out of generic music generating software for funk tunes :(

How'd Pikachu get in there? and couldn't the show look a Little more like this?

Alright back to the plot, I'm writing this thing as I watch the episode and I really think I might just dig my eyes out. The character Bill Murray played is totally destroyed within the first 30 seconds of the episode. Yeah he was run down in the movie, but he wasn't alone, in a dirty environment and they had swung his life around by the end of the movie. The idea of cells in a body is really cool, but the plot just brushes over everything. So far the only thing worthwhile is Drix, who's like the saving grace of the show so far. He's got so few lines, but his character from the movie shines through. The comedy, is terrible and cringe inducing. The show is full of random stereotypes that make no sense. Why is the latin stereotype cell attracted to a pill? Why is Ozzy a crazy womanizer for a character that has like 1 line of dialog. The mayor of Hector is the most annoying thing on the face of the planet. The animation actually gets worse as the episode goes on… Why am I still watching this thing. Oh god the puns have started. The only thing that I've really enjoyed so far is the environmental design and vehicle design which are really creative. Ok some of the stuff Ozzy can do by manipulating his body is pretty cool. The set-up after the chase where Ozzy & Drix are set up behind the new kid's retina as private eyes is pretty funny lol, maybe the show could get better from here? Never mind I can't stand this show. I cannot watch this show anymore, They just had a sequence for a full minute where everyone said one line: "Shake his groove thing" over and over again and then danced. I am done.


I would give this pile of garbage a whopping 2.5/10 don't watch, unless you hate yourself.

I need a pallet cleanser, a series that I know is fantastic, one that won't make me wonder why I ruined a perfectly good childhood memory, because now I question why I watched this as a kid. So next week I will be watching Digimon, and not just the first season, oh no, I'll be watching the first 3 seeing as those are the seasons of Digimon that I watched when I was a kid, so here we go.


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