I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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(My lazy butt be damned that I didn't purchase this in time for my usual Saturday Night giveaway time!)

Today's giveaway is Sanctum 2, a Tower Defense/FPS hybrid akin to Orcs Must Die. I played the first Sanctum back when it had its own free weekend and wasn't too impressed, but now that my interest in all things strategy has increased, I gave it a try and quite liked it!


I decided to purchase the game for myself, as well as a second copy of the game as a gift as well. It is the complete pack and contains the main game plus all of the DLC available.

The giveaway will be handled via Steamgifts.com. To participate, go here, log-in and click on the green "Enter to Win!" button.
(I know that from late December to early January, the website was nearly unusable, but it seems fine now, so I hope everyone can enter without any problems).

Good luck everyone, and enjoy the weekend!

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