I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!


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To those who’ve generously donated - THANK YOU

For obvious reasons, I won’t reveal those people’s names, but you know who you are, and I can’t thank you enough for your donations. You’ve really upped my faith in humanity.


I’m still pretty far from my goal being met. I don’t want to be that guy (And unless you’re in my predicament, you shouldn’t either) But I still need more. I hate saying it, I really do.

What you can do to help

I understand the tropes of funding. I can easily say, I’m a man of my word. Every penny you donate goes to helping me and my mother get a car. It’s that simple. There’s nothing really else about it. Even after that said, if you can’t donate or just don’t want to, at least do me a solid and share it. Twitter, Facebook, or even word-of-mouth, It all helps. Even views help my cause because every person who knows, is a person who could potentially help. I know I’m not offering Shenmue III. I’m not offering Mighty no. 9. I’m not even offering an Uwe Boll movie. Actually, that last one you should donate like hell for. If not for a down on his luck dude and his elderly mom, Do it to show that anything’s more a worthy cause than that guy’s terrible “films”.


What I am offering

Every person who donates will get their picture put up at the end of credits for my film, The Merciful. Actually, let me sweeten the pot. If I reach my goal, or even get close to it, anyone in the nearby area who wants to be an extra in my movie, I’ll let be in the movie. It’s not a paid part, but i’ll include a copy, for those who want to at least say “Hey, I was in a movie once”. This isn’t one of those films that’s just going to collect dust, this is something special, that i’m submitting to sundance as soon as editing is done. I’m going somewhere with this come hell or high water. AHEM. Anyway. Serious stuff people. The second thing i’m offering is a chance to see my movie, even before sundance gets a hold of it. If funding is sufficent, i’m treating all my TAYers to a one-shot screening of The Merciful, for free, online. I wish I could do more, but i’m a storyteller at heart, and this one’s very special to me, so you’ve gotta understand the gravity of what i’m putting out here.


You can take a look at my campaign here. Despite my massive dislike of having to ask for more than your time, I truly appreciate the outpouring of support from the community, and I can only hope we can keep up the good work. I believe in you guys.

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